Monday, March 31, 2014

Slightly Eccentric Things I Catch Myself Doing

Okay, I know you all think I'm this wonderful perfect person, who never does anything embarrassing or weird. You would be right, but there are a few unusual or slightly eccentric things that I catch myself doing every now and then and some people might classify them as "weird"

Here are some examples: 

~When I put lotion on I menacingly rub my hands together for longer than necessary. I was talking to someone the other day and they finally had to tell me to stop.

~When someone leaves a book in our lost in found I secretly hope they don't claim it, so I can take it home...even if I don't like the book. (Yes, I have a book problem).

~Whenever sports come on I zone out. I stare at the TV screen, but go completely blank. This could cause people to think I am really watching and care what it happening in the game. I do not.

~I also zone out in public and catch myself staring at strangers. I'm not really looking at them, but staring in their direction where it looks like I'm staring at them. I tell myself to stop because I'm being weird. Then a few minutes later I will find myself staring at the same person. I can do this three or four times before I move. I'm sure it creeps the strangers out.

~When ever someone calls me the wrong name, but I know they are talking to me, I answer without correcting them. I was called Katie and Brooke last week and just went with it.

~I have a mini panic attack when my feet are stuck in blankets that are tucked in because I start to feel claustrophobic if I can't get my feet free.

~After my feet are unstuck I proceed to curl myself in the corner of the bed and surround myself in blankets and pillows to create a barrierYou may be thinking this contradicts the claustrophobia of having my feet trapped. It does.

~I walk down the hallways at work with two of my finger's second joints touching the wall (you know the joint just above the knuckle). Sometimes it's a constant drag across the wall and sometimes I do this weird jumping pattern. I only do it when the hallway is empty (I'm not weird enough to do it in front of people). Don't ask my when this started or why...I don't know.

SEE! Not weird at all! 

Eccentric is the key word here. Unique and wonderful. Different. Stand out in a crowd. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

What are some of the more eccentric things you catch yourself doing? 

Friday, March 28, 2014

#Twitter #KleenexStyle

Remember back in January when I said I didn't understand Twitter?

Well, by George, I think I've got it! I have arrived.

Kleenex tweeted me back!

Okay, so maybe I still don't know 100% what I'm doing on twitter, but I think I'm improving! Some people are actually starting to follow me!. But it could be they only follow and respond to me because they feel sorry for me...I know that's the only reason Kleenex tweeted me back. 

What's the most impressive retweet or reply you've ever gotten on Twitter? 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Moth and The Sun

The other day, when Mona was trying to get me to write, we were goofing around a bit and ended up writing stories about each other.

Mona went off to write some alien horror story about me. Me, of course, being the alien.

But I decided to go more poetic.

I wanted to share the poem with you today.

A little back story to the poem (if for some reason you don't hang on my every word)...Mona is my little sister, she is a musician, we write music together, and she almost died from a blood clot in her arm and had to get a rib removed to fix the problem.

The Month and The Sun

By Luna LaBlue 03/24/14

She’s like a moth drawn to the sun, but one who is afraid that if she gets too close she will burn.

She was born into a small family, in a small town.

She was both outspoken and shy.

I remember a time when she would bury her face in the corner, hidden from all family and friends, until she would feel brave and slowly poke her head out and join in on the goings on of life.

I could see her life unfold in this same manner. Like a fawn learning how to walk. She took a while to come into her own skin. Figure out who she really was. And she’s now only learning who she wants to be.

I saw a passion ignite inside of her. At first when it was just the two of us alone on a late winter’s night hovering over our notebooks and her child size guitar.

Uncertain of her own voice she used mine to create the words that brought her music to life.

She kept it hidden, not letting the rest of the world in on our secret.

With prodding and pushing we shuffled through moments and memories creating our own world of music.

With voice still hidden, only whispers in the night she hung in the shadows of others, frightened like a mouse of a trap.

When she realized no one reached out to pull her to the depths and swallow her whole, she slowly began to grow.

But it wasn't without it’s growing pains.

Swollen and blue this harsh life threaten to snuff her out.

Clotting her heart and breaking her bones.

I nearly lost her.

My world destroyed.

Rought from the brink she didn't even know she reached.

Brought passion anew as it was all that was left.

Slowly she learned her voice, brought in through the gravity of realization.

She let go of my hand that had been holding her up and she stepped out into the light.

She knows she still might get burnt, but that hasn't stopped her or slowed her down.

Soon she will become more than the moth, but the sun.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Speak German! (Ich spreche Deutsch!)

Guys, I can speak German!

I watched a German movie on Netflix yesterday, called Schlussmacher (Break Up Man). It's a really cute and funny movie about this guy who helps couples break up for a living. Okay, so maybe that doesn't sound so cute and funny when put that way.

Let me try again. It's about two guys and true love...but not with each other. Hum...

Okay, so the concept of this movie is a little strange to try and explain.

Let's see, what's something like an American version of this? ...I would call it a mash up of Due Date and the opposite of Hitch.

Yes, I think that makes the most sense.

Whether that makes any sense to you or not, it was a cute and funny movie. You'll just have to get it a try and let me know what you think!

But, back to my main point! I know I can speak German after watching this movie! I have been very slowly learning German. Practicing my guten morgen and Auf Wiedersehen. But when I watched this movie I knew I had arrived!

I could understand about 1% of the movie WITHOUT using the subtitles!!! 

Super impressive. I know.

I can also speak a few words in Spanish, Finnish, and Mongolian (and by few I mean one or two). 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Mona is trying to get me to finish my book. The one I started back in December.

I haven't written anything for it since December.

I have this thing where I'm REALLY, really good at starting things, but then I get bored and just sorta stop and never finish. It's such an unappreciated talent in life.

Well anyways, Mona has been harping on me to finish this book and get published and rule the world. She's on this kick where she wants to do everything and anything all at once and accomplish everything right now, but here's the thing...I'm lazy. This makes things very difficult and frustrating for Mona.

I have been going to the little diner across the street every day for lunch to wind down and relax from the stresses of work, enjoy a good meal and read a good book. Mona wants to bring my laptop and work through my lunch. I draw the line at starvation. I'm not going to become anorexic just to finish writing a book. So I told her straight out NO. And I went on reading my book about whales and eating my lunch.

Then, yesterday, she kindly and nicely invites me to go to coffee with her after work. I go in expecting a pleasant cup of coffee and pleasant conversation with my lovely sister, but no. She tries to throw her laptop in my face and tells me to get writing.

Another thing you need to know about me...the more people tell me to things, the less I want to do them. I'm stubborn that way. I'll dig in my heels and do the exact opposite of what you want me to do, no matter how irrational. Mom especially loved this about me growing up.

So instead I brought out my book about whales (Yes, I always carry a book with me at all times, even if it's a 700 page hardcover...don't judge) and let her work on her computer.

Then later that night, she tried depriving me of sleep to get me to work. She forced me to go sit at Perkins (open 24 hours) until all hours of the night, until I got some writing done.

I whined and cried and pouted, but eventually, after some food and focusing, I was able to finish a second chapter of my book! (I credit the food and not Mona for this accomplishment). 

After I finished Mona wanted me to keep writing, but I whined some more about needing sleep (I am still getting over my cold you know) and she took me home at 11:00 (I know I made it seem like we were there all hours of the night, but I'm getting old and 11 is way past my bed time). 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Just A Few Days's been a rough few days.

First of all...
Remember when I told you I was sick on Thursday? Well that still has not gone away.

I got home Friday and Mona and I donned our black Star Wars sick robes (if you watch Cougar Town you know what we are going for with the black sick robes, the Star Wars is just an added treat) and didn't get out of bed unless absolutely necessary (like to go to the bathroom...and I think Mona braved work, but I don't know for sure)

(before I went home to sleep) was crazy! I nearly died!

Who know being a receptionist would be such a dangerous job?!!?

This lady was upset because for her insurance to pay for her diabetic shoes, she had to come in and try them on here, so we could document that they fit properly.

She did not care much for this.

When my coworker was trying to explain this to her over the phone, the patient was yelling at her and saying that she doesn't leave her house much because she knows she's capable of hurting people and she was threatening to come and blow us.

At that point she was handed over to someone way above our pay grade.

After administration calmed her down, we were told that she could be coming in any day at anytime (no appointment) to get fit for her shoes and that when she got there we were to call administration and security to come up.

She came in a few hours later talking on the phone to someone swearing left and right about us as she was checking in. She was also screaming at me about how she wanted to talk to the supervisor (who was already on her way up).

Once the supervisor got her she argued with them about Medicare policy for a while (which we don't make up mind you), at one point she got so mad she took off, only to circle around the building with security following her.

She called me as soon as she got outside to ask to talk to the supervisor, who hadn't even had a chance to get back to her office.

Once they talked her down, again, she came back in and got her shoes fit and then stormed off in a flurry, nearly knocking me and another patient down in the process.

I'm sorry to say that she has been "fired" by our department and we won't be able to see her anymore. Darn.

I'm still a little concerned that she might come back, but we all survived Friday, so I count that as a blessing.

Then this morning...
I somehow manage to peel my self out of bed and make it into work. Only to find the Urgent Care Receptionist late, and my fellow receptionist not coming in. You know how hard it was to breath while trying to do three jobs this morning? It was hard. I almost passed out I think...

Then after thirty minutes or so, when the Urgent Care girl gets in...low and behold...Dee comes walking towards me!  Yes the Dee who was suppose to be blacklisted from my department!

I can handle a lot, but this was too much.

I took two aspirin, got my coffee, and bucked up, I just have to make it until 4 o'clock.

And then there's cancer...
My grandma, on dad's side, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

From what I've heard it's to far spread to do much at this point to do anything.

All growing up my grandma was addicted to alcohol and prescription medications. I remember going over to her house in the afternoon and having to wake her up from bed. She was fragile and shaky. Her self abuse aged her to the point where it was hard to hold a conversation.

Over the last couple of years she has been in an assisted living facility. Having someone control her medication and the absence of alcohol has helped to improved her by leaps and bounds. She can remember my name and job. She looks younger and talks better than I can ever remember.

She may not have always been the best grandmother, or mother from what I hear, but over the last few years she has made improvements.

It's hard news for my family.

She's undergoing surgery tomorrow to see exactly the extent of what is going on inside her, but from what the doctor's say, they aren't certain if she will leave the hospital.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Mona's Sick Supplies
These pictures are from Mona...yesterday.

She keeps telling everyone that, because she heard Demi Lovato has been sick, that she caught her cold from Demi when we were at her concert on Friday.
Luna's Sick Supplies

Well guess what? This morning I woke up sick and I'm not blaming Demi for this one....Mona.

I didn't have as much time to prepare as Mona. I grabbed a box of Tissue (because the using the tissue at work is like blowing your nose with razor blades), grabbed my water bottle that was in my car, and dug up a cough drop and chap stick from my drawer the last time I was sick.

I contemplated pretending I didn't hear my alarm clock go off this morning, so I could sleep in, but I'm too dang honest. And I've had way too many sick days this year to call in for a sinus cold. So, I slept until the last possible minute, rolled out of bed, and went to work.

I think I've almost finished my first box of tissue.

Can I go back to bed now?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Road Trip Problems

We made it home safe and sound!

It was a great vacation, one that made me want to quit my job and vacation all the time, but alas I went back to work today.

Our road trips are never without problems. Our awkward, weird, and funny problems.

Navigation Problems
First off, on our road trips Mona is the driver. I don't like driving. I prefer people to chauffeur me around. It's a thing that all of my friends have accepted. But anyways on our trips, since I'm not driving, that leaves me as the navigator. It works out great for both of us, only the thing is, for the life of me I can't get my lefts and rights straight. I know which way we are suppose to turn, I can even point in the right direction, but when it comes to using the words "left" or "right" I can't do it. I get it backwards ALL of the times. I think Mona finds it endearing in the middle of busy traffic as she's turning around for the 100th time. She might of mentioned something about letting the automated voice tell her which way to go, but I wouldn't be nearly as fun.

Observation Problems
Also, Mona loves when she tries to point out something weird or funny or pretty along the road and I it could be HUGE and right in front of us, but I don't see it.

Mona: Look at that!

Me: What? Where?

Mona: There the big white thing!

Me: uh.....where?

Mona: Forget it. We already passed it.

This is almost always how our road trip conversations go. She says I need to pay better attention to my surroundings.

Thief Problems 
I think we stole a picture and signature from Nester Carbonell!
Stolen Picture Of Nester Carbonell

There we were, newbies to the Con, no instruction manual in sight.We knew the celebrities with the outrageously log lines and guards with the orange shirts were off limits to us non VIPs, but when we saw Nester without a line and no orange shirt in sight, we thought he was fair game. Mona and I walked up and asked for his picture and signature, which neither him nor the little man sitting next to him said anything out of the ordinary.

As we went on and moved on to the next celebrity, we were informed that we could not get a picture or signature without paying for it.

We were both slightly confused as to why Nester did not mention this? I think Mona confused him by asking for the picture first, instead of the signature like most normal people, and he got confused. I guess he was just too nice to stop us and the little man sitting next to him was not a body guard, the everyone else had, but a charity worker for Cancer Gets LOST. So we basically stole from a cancer charity. Aren't we great people! We didn't know I swear!

Theater Problems
We couldn't find a huge IMax & 18 screen theater inside of a mall. After walking through the whole mall we had to stop and ask for directions.

Hotel Problems
After our Demi concert we went to check into our hotel. I had made reservations weeks ago. I go to check in and the lady at the desk says: "I may or may not have a room for you. I have to wait until my coworker, who was suppose to be here an hour ago, gets in to know for sure." 

Me: Wait, what? I have a reservation.

Hotel Lady: If we don't have a room, we will pay for you to stay at the hotel across the street, but you have to wait until my cower gets here.

Me: If she's an hour late already, how long are you expecting me to wait?

Hotel Lady: She is just around the corner.

Finally at 12:30 in the morning, thirty minutes after she told me she was around the corner, she tells me that they do NOT have any rooms available and were shipping me off to the other hotel.

Me: So, you said you were paying for my room. Are you taking the charges off my credit card for pre-paying?

Hotel Lady: Um. No.

Me: What?

Hotel Lady: (in the snottiest voice I have ever heard) We are still giving you a room. (Like she was doing me a favor)

Me: You are telling me, that you made me wait around for over thirty minutes, and it's now almost one in the morning and you are not even going to take off anything for my inconvenience?

Hotel Lady: You are already paying a low rate, but I suppose I could take off a three dollars.

Me: Fine. Just do it. (I knew I wasn't getting anywhere with her and there was obviously no manager on site. I will be calling to complain today) 

Normally, I'm not a complainer, but there was no explanation, or kindness, or apology for making me wait that long and then shipping me off in the middle of the night in Chicago, no thank you.

Gma at Two and Gorgeous
Gma Problems 
When we spent the night at Gma's we were playing cards and talking when all of a sudden Gma says: Did you see me when I was two years old? I was gorgeous! 

We all laughed it off and continued playing cards (cards is always a thing we do at Gma's). About 20 minutes later Gma comes out from the bedroom with a big old photo album and plops it on the table disrupting our card game. She flips open the first page and points to her two year old self. "See I was gorgeous!" We all laughed, said we didn't know what happened to her, and looked at old photos for awhile laughing at my aunt during her awkward middle school years.

Coffee & Blue Hawaiian Punch
Hawaiian Punch & Coffee Problems 
The next thing to disrupt our cards was Mona. She mixed coffee and a packet of blue Hawaiian punch powder together.

For some odd reason we all tried it.

It was disgusting.

It was just drinking hot Hawaiian punch. It makes me puke just wanted to think about it.

I do not recommend it at all.

More Coffee Problems
Yesterday Morning we wanted to get some breakfast before we made our trek home, so we stopped at Schreiner's Diner in Appleton. We sat down and got our coffee, and if you know Mona and I, we consider ourselves coffee drinking experts. Well yesterday we were proven wrong. We know nothing about coffee drinking.

We sat drinking our coffee, that we just got five minutes ago, when the waitress came around with the coffee pot for refills. She looked at our cups as she filled them and said "I would have filled your coffee sooner, but it isn't going down as fast."

It wan't going down as fast! You are telling me these elderly people chit chatting are drinking coffee faster than us?!? So much so to be called out on it?!?!

Mona and I stopped to observe the old people's coffee drinking patterns to see what we were doing wrong. We sat for a few minutes and didn't see them drinking a thing! Until our eyes beheld one woman. She slowly raised her mug to her lips, took a huge sip, and...swished it in her mouth!

 I think our jaws dropped to the floor. These old people are hardcore! No joke.

I don't think swishing coffee can be that good for your teeth!

During this time another waitress came and filled up our mugs again and before I even have time to reach for my mug the first waitress circled around with another pot. "I would fill your mug, but I don't think I could squeeze any coffee in there if I tired". I have never been more humiliated in my life!

I felt like a little girl being scolded for not eating her vegetables.

From there on out, Mona and I chugged our coffee. The next time the waitress came around I pointed out that there was plenty of room to fill now! She praised me for it and I felt whole.

Although we floated out of there we learned valuable life lessons. Mona and I went into that diner as girls and left as woman.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Weekend

Right now I'm sitting in a coffee shop in Appleton, WI with Mona, drinking a lavender mocha, and writing. I wish I could write like this everyday. I can't say that I miss my day job too much right now.

This past weekend was AMAZING!!

Friday night we went and saw Demi Lovato. It was the first time Mona and I have gone to a Major concert. We done a few fairs and low key small concerts, but this one was insane. We were at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. It was sold out, 12,000 people. That's crazy. There was even a girl dress up like corn. Don't ask my why.

Demi played with 5th Harmony and Little Mix and Magician Collins Key, none of whom I've ever heard of before. (I'm not good at keeping up with pop music culture).

I can't say I LOVED all the screaming little girls during 5th Harmony and Little Mix, I think I went a little deaf, but Demi was AMAZING!

I think it was a perfect Christmas gift for Mona, well second after my homemade sweater.

The next day as we were getting ready in our hotel room, we had not plans, so I was browsing through the internet looking for things going on in Chicago.

There wasn't much catching my fancy and I was about to close out of the browser when something caught my eye.


Guys, Walkers as in ZOMBIES! The cast of Walking Dead was literally a block away from the hotel we were at!!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before or not, but I LOVE WALKING DEAD! It's one of my favorite shows!

AND they were a block away!

Walker Stalker Con was Zombies, Horror, and SyFy

There was the cast of Walking Dead, Arrow, Lost, and people dressed up like Zombies!

It. Was. Amazing.

We heard Nester Carbonell from Lost talk about Lost theories and the 10th anniversary.

And Emily Kinney (Beth) talk about her and Daryl's relationship and her new CD coming out this Tuesday (didn't know she was a real singer).

And Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Steven Yeun (Glenn) from Walking dead talking together about their relationship and theories and the goofy things they was great!

I can't believe we just stumbled on this amazingness!

I was super proud of Mona too, she doesn't come off as the biggest syfy/zombie fan, but she held her own talking about the shows and theorizing with other super fans! I have never been prouder! I think my geeky/nerdiness is starting to rub off!

We stayed until they closed up shop and then heading back to Milwaukee, spent the night at Gma's house, played cards and at food with some of our family.

We left there to meet up with our friend, Jo, to see the Veronica Mars Movie! We have been waiting for this since the series ended (on a very bad note, if I might add).

It was everything I wanted and more, it took me right back to the television show and seemed like just another episode, but with a little something more. It was great to have that closure, but it also left you with a little hope for more.

Mona said it was good and she couldn't wait for next week's episode.  I wish.

We still have until tomorrow at 2:00 (when Mona has to be back to work, so we're going to see what else exciting we can find to do!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

I have so many wonderful things I want to talk about today! Stuff that makes up for the stress of Dee and all the cranky patients who have been yelling at me this week.

So here is how my day is going...

I was thinking about what to blog about today when I was told by my Orthotist (she makes braces and diabetic shoes) that I was trying to be poached by the people on the third floor. One of the girls up there is leaving and apparently they want me. This was the first I was hearing about it. They were shut down before it even got to me. My department wasn't too happy about it. They kinda like me down here on the first floor. I did say I would consider bribes.

Then almost immediately after that June, from administration, who is know to be a bit of a hard nose that nobody likes, stopped by with homemade cookies stuffed in a manila envelope (so others wouldn't see) to thank us for what a wonderful job we did during the blackout.

I was just told by a patient I need to be paid more money because I'm so efficient (this was right after I thew my pen across my desk, so I think he was trying to encourage me despite my ungracefulness, but I'll still take it as a complement)

Then this afternoon I get to leave work at 2:00 and don't have to be back until Wednesday!

Mona and I are driving to Chicago tonight to see Demi Lovato (Mona's Christmas Gift). Super excited about this.

Tomorrow we are driving to Milwaukee to see the Veronica Mars Movie with a friend.

And then Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Mona and I are free birds. Going wherever the wind takes us. My favorite thing to do. We just drive and see where we end up. (I suggested an Irish festival on Monday for St Patrick's day, but Mona doesn't like that idea because she doesn't turn 21 until June and can't drink beer. She could still eat sauerkraut and polka dance)

So, it's already been a wonderful day full of complements and gifts and then my vacations starts at 2:00! I wish all Fridays were like this!

Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Blacklist: a list privately exchanged among employers, containing the names of persons to be barred from employment because of untrustworthiness or for holding opinions considered undesirable.

I got a receptionist blacklisted from my department. 

Now, I'm the type of girl who can work with anybody. 

Then comes Dee.  

I have been working in my department since we opened back in 2011. I may just be the receptionist, but I run the department. I know the ins and outs and what's going on and all the therapist come to me with questions and concerns. 

Dee is a new Float Receptionist in our building. She goes from desk to desk to help out where she is needed. 

The first time she landed at my desk I was open minded and ready to teach her all she needed to know to work here. 

It was a bit like pulling teeth to get her to cooperate and understand what was going on. There were numerous mistakes and incidents and even some embarrassments, such as her pointing out and talking about a cancer patient's baldness to the patient. 

One time I was trying to correct her as she was telling a patient wrong information and she literally waved me off.  

Nobody just waves me off. 

Especially as I am trying to train you in my department, especially when you are continuing to give wrong information to my patients. It was completely unacceptable. 

And, well I was highly offended, I was still willing to try and teach her do to her job. 

The final straw did come. The thing that really made me boil was the smallest, stupidist thing, but I think that because it was so small it made it all the worse.

She was trying to send a fax to our financial department due to one of her many mistakes.

Every time a fax doesn't go through we get a print out saying there was an error. The first time she tried to send the fax she got the error letter. I looked at it and noticed that she had not dialed 9 to get out of the building, something you have to do EVERY time you place an out going call.

Me: You have to dial 9-1-area code-number.

Dee: Oh, okay, okay, I got it

She tries again and gets another rejection letter. I look at it. She dialed 9-1-number.

Me: No. You forgot the area code. It's 9-1-area code-number.

Dee: Oh okay

She takes it and re-faxes the paper. Error letter.

I look and see she only dialed 4 numbers.

Me: (heavy sigh)  You only dialed 4 numbers. You have to dial 9-1-area code-number. (at this point I feel like a broken record) Can I show you?

I wasn't sure if she was going to release the paper to me, because she's the type of person who doesn't want people to help her or do things for her because she thinks if you mess up it's going to come back at her.

Dee: Sure

Surprised I take the paper and walk her over to the fax machine.

Me: We dial 9-1-area code-number.

I say as I slowly and visibly push the correct numbers. Within two seconds we get a confirmation that the fax went through.

I thought we were done with it. She had seen the fax go through and hopefully she would remember how to send a fax. It really isn't that complicated.

Until the next day.

I got a message from Becky, who works upstairs.

Apparently Becky had to help Dee send another fax. Dee said that down in Physical Therapy they told her you had to dial 9-1-area code-number and asked "is that even true?"


I was done. You wave me off, don't listen, make countless mistakes, tell people wrong information, AND now you are calling me a liar and insinuating that I don't know how to do my job? Um. No.

Guys, I'm not a liar.

I know I am far far off the deep end from perfect, but you don't go questioning my character in such a way and call me a liar at my place of employment. I hold myself to very high standards at work. Everyone knows this. I have never been so insulted in my life!

The fact of the matter, all insult aside, if Dee can't even trust me to tell her the correct information on how to send a fax, then there is no way she will trust me to tell her anything.

I had to go to my boss and tell her I didn't know what to do with Dee.

My boss knows that for me to come to her with a problem something has to be seriously wrong. She knows I'm a good worker and good trainer. Normally the only time I talk to my boss is when I have a plan of action and I call it just to let her know what's going on.

I didn't specifically say I wouldn't work with Dee, I told her everything I had been dealing with and that I didn't know what to do with someone who doesn't believe a word that comes out of my mouth.

The boss told her Physical Therapy just isn't the department for you and she is going through a retraining in all the other departments as we speak.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lights Out

You may have noticed I didn't post anything yesterday (okay...I've been slacking a little more lately, so maybe you didn't notice anything that out of the ordinary), but yesterday I had a legitimate excuse! 

I was sitting minding my own business, doing my work, helping patients when the there was a massive click and large whoosh and the entire Clinic went black. 

My first thought was this is Revolution! (the tv show, I don't watch, where all the power is out in the whole world for some unknown and mysterious reason and all of society has collapsed) 

I was initiating my mental survival plan as people in the building started to come out of the woodwork and congregate in the main lobby of the building. 

Upon investigation (looking out the widow) we were the only building without power. No world wide power outage sending us back to 1879. 

Apparently our building has it's own power box and the transformer blew knocking our power out. Don't ask me what the technically means since when I hear the word transformer I think semi trucks turning into instead of Revolution we are in a Transformer movie. Optimus Prime and I could be BFFs. 

The were have trouble locating a transformer in the area to come to the rescue, but fortunately there was one located just 30 minutes away. 

They told us we wouldn't have power for 4 to 6 hours. 

We lived in a power hungry world. Almost everything we do runs on power. Do you know how much of my job runs on power? Almost all of it. It shut the place down

Everyone in the Clinic was trapped in darkness and unable to work. They had nothing to do, so they called their patients, packed up, and went home. Only to return with the power. 

My department, Physical Therapy, we were troopers. We are located on the first floor and have a lot of windows for natural lighting. We didn't let the power being out stop us from doing our job. Armed with clipboards, pens, and paper and pre-printed schedules we continued to do our jobs and treat our patients. 

Our world may have gone dark, but we did not give up or give into the darkness. 

Admin was hanging out in the lobby doing damage control for patients who came in not knowing their appointments were canceled or had some problems and we were working. Everyone else in our four floor building was gone except us

After the news paper released a press releases stating we were closed it slowed down some and it was basically like a black out party with PT and admin.

I thought it was nice to take a break from staring at a computer screen, which I do almost all the times my eyes are open. It was relaxing. 

The biggest issue was we didn't have power to the coffee machine! Those of us left almost created mass hysteria, but one of the PT's made a Starbucks run when she didn't have a patient. She is the real hero of this story. She saved the day.  

Around 1:00 the power came back on and those who had gone home came back and had to deal with all the patients from the morning trying to call and reschedule and squeeze them in somewhere. It was a nightmare. Not for us! All we had to do is block off some time for the PTs to enter their handwritten notes into the computer. 

I almost wish we had power outages more often. It was great way to break up the monotony of the week. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Post-Exam Dissatisfaction Stress Disorder

I'm in a weird mood today.

I think it could be PEDSD, Post-Exam Dissatisfaction Stress Disorder (at least that's what I'm calling it) 

I've spent so many weeks ALWAYS having too much to do and to study and to get done and right now I have nothing in particular that needs getting done, but I still have the feeling I should be doing something.

Like, I shouldn't be reading all the Buzzfeed articles ever or endlessly binge watching American Horror Story, but I should be doing something important and worthwhile.

There is also a feeling of extreme boredom. I know it sounds weird. I wanted my freedom from school, but school occupied my time. It game me something to do. Now I don't have as much to do and I am bored.

All this free time and I don't know what to do with myself. I find myself scrolling through Facebook and checking emails over and over and over again. It's not like anything changes much in two minutes.

I could pick up one of the things I was working on before exams started, like learning German or writing a business plan for my coffee shop, but I'm disinterested.

I could start a new project, like building a robot or making a blood lamp (both things Mona disapproves of), but I don't have have the gumption to do it.

I could start working out, but lets be honest, who really wants to do that.

I could do just about anything I wanted, but I don't want to.

I'm dissatisfied with everything.

PEDSD is a real problem.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Classy Drama? Is There Such A Thing?

I don't know if you guys have seen or heard of the show Gossip Girls. It was really popular a few years ago. Well, my friend, Becky, is a huge fan. Because Becky liked it so much Mona has recently started watching it on Netflix. I have held out on principle, the principle of it sounding like a dumb show. All Becky wanted to do when she watched it was eat macaroons and, now that Mona's watching it, they will say things to me like "L" was spotted reading a book...wonder where she got it? and "L" was spotted talking to "C" while she was at out and about yesterday...what were they up to? I don't even know what they are trying to say half the time, but it sounds dumb. 

Well, anyways, this morning Mona sends this message via our Biffs chat: 

Mona: Sometimes when I get in a Netflix streak and live through Gossip Girls drama. I have to tell myself to "put Netflix away and go make your own drama. Or at least get out of the house. This excitement doesn't happen with them by sleeping all day watching tv!"

Becky: no it does not!
go sleep with someones bf right now!
or go to a ball or something

Mona: I'm on it...I may have to shower first
Where do I find these people?
I don't think anyone in this town is classy enough for this kind of thing!

Becky: ummm lets just plan on going to the ball with your mother (The ball is a work thing for charity. Bekcy, Mona, Dad, and I all work for the Hospital that throws the ball and Dad goes every year with Mom)

Me: If you're looking for classy drama, i don’t' think you are going to find it in this town.

Becky: our first challenge is to get an invite

Mona: Challenge accepted!

Me: You can buy a ticket to the ball

Mona: ....I mean we could buy tickets but they are like 200

Becky: we will prolly need to seduce someone who has a ticket

Mona: I got chu!
I can probably get the roster of who all is invited

Becky: then eat macaroons and pick out dresses
with our parent's credit card of course

Me: I think all hospital employees are invited

Mona: We might have to wait 8-10 business days for the credit card thing....
My parents got stolen

Bekay: whaaaaat??
this is getting scandalous
Luna would you like to attend?

Luna: no

Mona: Luuunnnaaa!

Bekcy: yes you do!

Mona: She will be going

Becky: sorr Luna you’re in


How are we going to get a ticket for her? ....maybe seduce through email!
Luna prolly already has a date....


Mona: K

Me: No. I do not, nor would I.

Mona: If you don't yet is how you get chucky!
I've been studying up

Me: This is not how to get a date...this is when you are already on the date... prepared.

Mona: This could also be in the work place

Me: Be prepared with a condom in the work place? I don't think that would fly at work...

Becky: lol
i think that is totally fine
tell Chucky to get a tux

Me: no.

Becky: do it! i'll just ask him

Mona: You should handle it Becky

Becky: i will take care of the situation

Me: No.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tina's Terrible Joke Tuesday!

Okay, so most of you know that I work as a receptionist for a medical facility. 

There is a lot of money issues that come up in a medical facility and I can't and don't want to deal with them, so each department has a Patient Financial Counselor (PFC) who takes care of all the money and insurance questions and problems for us. 

When I first started Tina was my PFC. I loved her. She wasn't in the building, so we would just email back and forth ALL the time. She thought I was hilarious. I would make jokes and was cute and funny and charming and she would just laugh and tell me how cute and funny and charming I was (okay, so she might have given me a bit of a big head, but so what). I loved working with Tina. I like to think I made her work day a little bit brighter and I had a blast coming up with funny ways to say boring work related things. It was the best. 

Then they took Tina away from me. 

They wanted her to lighten her load. I wanted her to get rid of some of her other departments, but apparently it was wiser for her to keep the departments that were actually in her building or something like that. Whatever.

So, instead they gave me Cathy. 

Cathy seemed nice enough, but she a little nervous (okay maybe a lot nervous) about her job. Anytime I talked to her she was a mess and all over the place. I don't think she would have taken my joking well. She would get all the work done, but there was no real interaction. It was strictly professional.  

Well, she must of got sick of us because about a month or so ago she started training Kat to take her place. 

I was emailing Tina about it and I didn't know why Cathy was leaving, but my best guess is that a pack of wild panda bears was threatening to take over at north (the building where our PFC is located) and the only way to stop them was to bring in Kat, the panda whisperer, to calm the situation down. But again, that's just my best guess, so don't take my word on it.

Tina liked that guess and agreed. 

Once Kat took over the reins, she started asking me how to do her job. I was so confused and tried my best to logically help her out, but I thought that's what she was trained and paid to know and do? It was weird, but I rolled with it. 

Then last week, out of nowhere, she mysteriously disappeared.. I couldn't get a hold of her and she didn't respond to any of my messages. Just poof. Gone. And this was more than just a call in sick kinda gone. This was few days nobody has taken over for her kinda gone. 

After some investigation, interrogation, and bribes I found out the official word is they are making some "personnel changes". We all know what this really means. She is actually a human clone birthed by the alien race from Pluto come to take over our planet and rob us of our tongue depressors and post-it notes.  

BUT, all that aside, GUESS WHAT!! TINA'S BACK!!!

I got a surprise email from Tina saying that she would be taking over our department until further notice. I know once they get things worked out she will be gone again, but until they do I will be happy. 

To celebrate we started Tina's Terrible Joke Tuesday! 
I think the title is pretty self explanatory, but just it case...Every Tuesday I email Tina terrible jokes. And by terrible I don't mean dirty, gotta still keep it classy and work appropriate, I'm talking corny and punny jokes, the cornier and punnier the better! 

Here are today's Tina's Terrible Joke Tuesday Jokes...

Want to hear a pizza joke…. nah, it’s too cheesy. What about a construction joke? Oh never mind, I’m still working on that one. Did you hear the one about the rope? Skip it. Have you heard the one about the guy in the wheelchair? Never mind, it’s too lame.

Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards
the local swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water.

I wondered why the Frisbee was getting bigger, and then it hit me

If you have any suggestions for next week let me know!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm BACK!!

Sigh of relief!

I survived all my exams! (and passed everything with flying colors, but I don't want to brag)

I have missed writing. I have missed you all!

I don't have any terribly exciting stories to tell of the weeks I haven't been here. I didn't get a lot of sleep, I was super stressed the entire time, I got eye strain from staring at the computer almost 24/7, my right eye even started to twitched a little. I didn't break out in hives as much as normal (that's something good I guess).

I'm behind on all the TV shows I watch, so no spoilers please.

My parents and Mona forgot what I looked like. In their defense my normally pale skin is even paler than usual, I didn't get out in the sun much, but in my defense, it's also been negative 100 degrees for the last zillion weeks (that last part may be a slight exaggeration).

I drank a LOT more coffee than normal. I think I spent more time at Starbucks than some of the employees.

Last week, at Starbucks, I swear I saw a girl who looked and acted just like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. I think she was even wearing the same outfit, the only thing missing were the crazy glasses. It was adorable. Once she finally sat down with her mom, who was on her cell phone the entire time, the girl started to play a mad game of Uno by herself.  I probably stared a little too much, but I don't think she noticed. I loved it. She made my day a little bit brighter.

Anyways, I'm glad to be done with exams (for now at least) and back to real life and freedom. My plan is to not procrastinate as much this time around, but I say that every term, so who knows. I at least give it a try!