Thursday, October 17, 2013

Going Postal

I think my mail person hates me!! 

I've never done anything directly to make him/her hate me, but let's just say I'm not very good at remembering to check my mailbox.

So when I did remember and walked the half mile out of my way to get to my mailbox yesterday, I pulled the little metal door open...and found that my mailbox was jammed so full I could hardly get my mail out! (there may or may not have been two birthday cards stuck there somewhere) I'm not even sure how the mail person got all of that mail in there!

My poor mail person!

And I have to admit this is not not the first time, in the past 16 months that I have lived in this apartment, that this has happened.

Over the summer I was stopped by one of my neighbors while walking to my apartment from my car and this conversation took place:

Neighbor: Hey.

Me: (started stop, awkward look, and uncomfortable pause) 

Neighbor: You live in number 5?

Me: Umm...yes? (I was a little suspicious because we have never done more then the head nod greeting in the past. My first thought was that she was the lookout while her partner was ransacking my place and she was trying to stop me while said partner jumped out of the second story balcony window to get away.)

Neighbor: The mailman asked me to let you know your mailbox is getting kind of full.

Me: Oh? (this was not at all where I thought the conversation was going)

Neighbor: Yeah, so if you just want to go check it.

Me: Yes, yes, I will go and check it right away!

Me: Sorry you had to get involved...(mumbled as I awkwardly kept walking in the direction I was going...away from the mailbox)

So not only does my mail person hate me, my neighbor thinks I'm crazy!

I was so ashamed about this conversation that I didn't tell anyone about it. I just went back, after I made sure my neighbor had gone inside, and got my mail and pretended like there was nothing out of the ordinary going on.

After yesterday's second mailbox fiasco, I finally fessed up to Mona. She laughed...she laughed a lot.

I felt so bad for my poor little mail person that I have never met, but have treated so poorly, that I decided that I owed my him/her an apology.

So, I was up until 2 AM writing an apology letter to my mail person.


  1. LOL...I had to giggle a little while reading this. I'm sure mail carriers see this happen quite a bit, actually. I don't think you're the only one. It's so sweet of you to have written a letter to your carrier, and I bet he/she will appreciate it very much.
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    1. Thanks for the follow! I'm newer to blogging and I have to ask...what's a Meet & Greet Blog Hop?

  2. I had a brief stint as a mail person. I've seen mailboxes like yours!!! For me, it was frustrating to get the mail in the box. They are pressured on time. If you only knew how much freakin' mail one person has to deliver!!! Plus, if it doesn't fit in your box, then they have to take it back to the office, and sort it all again the next day. Just a little insight for you, not trying to make you feel worse!

    Having a apology letter is a sweet idea. I'm sure it will make them smile. :)

    1. I know how terrible it is of me! I'm going to stick to my promise and do better!

  3. The apology letter was a nice touch