Monday, March 24, 2014

Just A Few Days's been a rough few days.

First of all...
Remember when I told you I was sick on Thursday? Well that still has not gone away.

I got home Friday and Mona and I donned our black Star Wars sick robes (if you watch Cougar Town you know what we are going for with the black sick robes, the Star Wars is just an added treat) and didn't get out of bed unless absolutely necessary (like to go to the bathroom...and I think Mona braved work, but I don't know for sure)

(before I went home to sleep) was crazy! I nearly died!

Who know being a receptionist would be such a dangerous job?!!?

This lady was upset because for her insurance to pay for her diabetic shoes, she had to come in and try them on here, so we could document that they fit properly.

She did not care much for this.

When my coworker was trying to explain this to her over the phone, the patient was yelling at her and saying that she doesn't leave her house much because she knows she's capable of hurting people and she was threatening to come and blow us.

At that point she was handed over to someone way above our pay grade.

After administration calmed her down, we were told that she could be coming in any day at anytime (no appointment) to get fit for her shoes and that when she got there we were to call administration and security to come up.

She came in a few hours later talking on the phone to someone swearing left and right about us as she was checking in. She was also screaming at me about how she wanted to talk to the supervisor (who was already on her way up).

Once the supervisor got her she argued with them about Medicare policy for a while (which we don't make up mind you), at one point she got so mad she took off, only to circle around the building with security following her.

She called me as soon as she got outside to ask to talk to the supervisor, who hadn't even had a chance to get back to her office.

Once they talked her down, again, she came back in and got her shoes fit and then stormed off in a flurry, nearly knocking me and another patient down in the process.

I'm sorry to say that she has been "fired" by our department and we won't be able to see her anymore. Darn.

I'm still a little concerned that she might come back, but we all survived Friday, so I count that as a blessing.

Then this morning...
I somehow manage to peel my self out of bed and make it into work. Only to find the Urgent Care Receptionist late, and my fellow receptionist not coming in. You know how hard it was to breath while trying to do three jobs this morning? It was hard. I almost passed out I think...

Then after thirty minutes or so, when the Urgent Care girl gets in...low and behold...Dee comes walking towards me!  Yes the Dee who was suppose to be blacklisted from my department!

I can handle a lot, but this was too much.

I took two aspirin, got my coffee, and bucked up, I just have to make it until 4 o'clock.

And then there's cancer...
My grandma, on dad's side, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

From what I've heard it's to far spread to do much at this point to do anything.

All growing up my grandma was addicted to alcohol and prescription medications. I remember going over to her house in the afternoon and having to wake her up from bed. She was fragile and shaky. Her self abuse aged her to the point where it was hard to hold a conversation.

Over the last couple of years she has been in an assisted living facility. Having someone control her medication and the absence of alcohol has helped to improved her by leaps and bounds. She can remember my name and job. She looks younger and talks better than I can ever remember.

She may not have always been the best grandmother, or mother from what I hear, but over the last few years she has made improvements.

It's hard news for my family.

She's undergoing surgery tomorrow to see exactly the extent of what is going on inside her, but from what the doctor's say, they aren't certain if she will leave the hospital.

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