Friday, February 7, 2014

The Missing Coffee Cup



You don't seal someone's coffee mug, that's just not right.

I honestly think you could steal money from me and I'd be less upset. (not that you should try stealing money from me). 

It's partially my fault. I normally tuck it into my drawer, to keep my desk tidy and clean and out of the way of the security guard who sits at my desk at night.

But, alas, yesterday I forgot about my little coffee cup and left him out on my desk.

This morning when I went to fill him up it was nowhere to be found. I checked EVERYWHERE!

I normally don't pull this, but I called my daddy. He is a big shot manager and in charge of security for our building.

Dad: Hello (said in a happy cheerful voice, unaware that the most devastating thing in the world had happened) 

Me: Hello (said in an angry tone of voice, like I was aware that the most devastating thing in the world had happened) 

Dad: Gosh, were's the love?

Me: There is no time for love. Somebody stole my coffee cup!

After I thoroughly explained how the cup mysteriously went missing from my desk, he assured me he would "take care of it" for me (I picture him doing this mob style).

A few minutes later I'm on a conference call with him and the head of security, Derrick (I also know him outside of work).

Derrick: Can you describe the cup in question to me?
The Cup in Question

Me: Um...It's white and says Starbucks on it and it has a cork bottom.

Dad: Does it have a handle or a lid?

Me: Oh, yes! A handle and a black lid.

Dad: Do you know how to describe things?

Me: No. (If it came to a real police investigation I would be the worst witness ever) 

Derrick: Where was the last place you saw it?

Me: On my desk to the left of my keyboard.

Dad: Who was the last person to see the mug?

Me: Karen. She saw it sitting on my desk when she left at 5:00 PM.

Dad: How much does Karen need a coffee mug?

Me: She doesn't drink coffee, so she wouldn't need it at all.

Derrick: We have yet to get a hold of the security guard who was sitting at your desk last night, due to him probably sleeping, but we will try to get to the bottom of this.

Me: Thank you, Derrick.

I was happy to have the best men on the job, but at this point my coffee headache was setting in as I had yet to have a cup of coffee for the day due to this debacle. You know I need my HappyCappi!*

About 20 minutes later I have the head of the cleaning crew, Ed, at my desk.

Even: What's going on?

Me: Somebody stole my coffee cup!

Even: It wasn't one of my girls. The only girl who's over in this area wouldn't do it.

Me: Okay. (I didn't want to ague with him) 

 Even: How much does that coffee cup go for?

Me: It was expensive, around $20-$25.

Even: I'm going to make sure we get you a new coffee cup.

Me: You don't have to do that!

Even: It will be covered by the company. Get me a picture of that coffee cup.

I look it up online and printed the picture off. Come to find out it was a $31 coffee cup.

Even: You could have a hundred coffee cups for that price!

Me: It was a gift.

Even: I'll make sure we get you one by next week.

I just want my coffee cup back...the poor little thing must be sad and lonely without me. He never left my side while I was at work. My dear coffee buddy. Where are you?

(*I did find a disposable cup to drink my coffee, but it wasn't the same. There wasn't as much Happy to my Cappi)


  1. I do feel your pain when it comes to your cup of coffee..I'm actually collecting cups and I can't stand anyone touching any of them...let alone when there 's coffee in it:P

  2. I can feel you... I hate it when I lose my stuff, because to be honest, if it's replaced, it's not the same!

  3. I really spent $31 on that coffee cup for you? Geesh, what was I thinking?

  4. Oh! I like the sound of this collection! How many do you have?

  5. True. Even if it's replaced, it will never be the cup that Mona gave me.

  6. I think it was right after I started crying and said you didn't love me.

  7. Lol...Which time was that? haha

  8. I know it's hard to remember because you are ALWAYS so mean to me, but it was the time in the coffee shop.

  9. Or you are always crying lolol...I actually think it was after that! I don't remember! But it was a nice mug...Did they say they will buy you a new one with coffee in it?

  10. My coffee cup disappeared recently at work. I was so upset. I have had the cup for years. I looked everywhere and asked if anyone had seen it. Well, of course the office staff hadn't. After a couple of days complaining, it mysteriously showed back up in the cabinet. We recently hired a new IT guy. He hacked and coughed all the time. He even snorted up phlegm in his throat a lot which made me want to hurl every time I heard it. (I even made gagging noises when he did it too much.) He has even made the coffee which I flat out refuse to drink it. He asked me today about my cup. I replied that it was back in the cabinet. However, I refuse to use it again because someone else had their mouth on it. I realize that I go to restaurants and have to use cups someone else has used before, but it is the principal of it all, and he grosses me out. Also, the audible phlegm hacking is disgusting. My receptionist friend said that he had taken it home and washed it. You would think he would have been respectful and at the very least, asked if the cup was someones. I am anal, and I am proud of it. Thanks Mona for sharing.

  11. Oh gosh. That would be hard to swallow after that. I would have probably tossed the cup.

    The conclusion to my story is the boss of the cleaning company purchased me a brand new coffee cup, the same exact one, and delivered it personally. It was still in the package, so I didn't have to worry about other lips on it.

    Sorry it took me so long to respond! I've been on vacation without a good internet connection!