Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Classy Drama? Is There Such A Thing?

I don't know if you guys have seen or heard of the show Gossip Girls. It was really popular a few years ago. Well, my friend, Becky, is a huge fan. Because Becky liked it so much Mona has recently started watching it on Netflix. I have held out on principle, the principle of it sounding like a dumb show. All Becky wanted to do when she watched it was eat macaroons and, now that Mona's watching it, they will say things to me like "L" was spotted reading a book...wonder where she got it? and "L" was spotted talking to "C" while she was at out and about yesterday...what were they up to? I don't even know what they are trying to say half the time, but it sounds dumb. 

Well, anyways, this morning Mona sends this message via our Biffs chat: 

Mona: Sometimes when I get in a Netflix streak and live through Gossip Girls drama. I have to tell myself to "put Netflix away and go make your own drama. Or at least get out of the house. This excitement doesn't happen with them by sleeping all day watching tv!"

Becky: no it does not!
go sleep with someones bf right now!
or go to a ball or something

Mona: I'm on it...I may have to shower first
Where do I find these people?
I don't think anyone in this town is classy enough for this kind of thing!

Becky: ummm lets just plan on going to the ball with your mother (The ball is a work thing for charity. Bekcy, Mona, Dad, and I all work for the Hospital that throws the ball and Dad goes every year with Mom)

Me: If you're looking for classy drama, i don’t' think you are going to find it in this town.

Becky: our first challenge is to get an invite

Mona: Challenge accepted!

Me: You can buy a ticket to the ball

Mona: ....I mean we could buy tickets but they are like 200

Becky: we will prolly need to seduce someone who has a ticket

Mona: I got chu!
I can probably get the roster of who all is invited

Becky: then eat macaroons and pick out dresses
with our parent's credit card of course

Me: I think all hospital employees are invited

Mona: We might have to wait 8-10 business days for the credit card thing....
My parents got stolen

Bekay: whaaaaat??
this is getting scandalous
Luna would you like to attend?

Luna: no

Mona: Luuunnnaaa!

Bekcy: yes you do!

Mona: She will be going

Becky: sorr Luna you’re in


How are we going to get a ticket for her? ....maybe seduce through email!
Luna prolly already has a date....


Mona: K

Me: No. I do not, nor would I.

Mona: If you don't yet is how you get chucky!
I've been studying up

Me: This is not how to get a date...this is when you are already on the date... prepared.

Mona: This could also be in the work place

Me: Be prepared with a condom in the work place? I don't think that would fly at work...

Becky: lol
i think that is totally fine
tell Chucky to get a tux

Me: no.

Becky: do it! i'll just ask him

Mona: You should handle it Becky

Becky: i will take care of the situation

Me: No.

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