Friday, September 12, 2014

Here Nerds

Mona: Here nerds. Feast.
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Becky: OMG!!! We ARE going!

Me: And you were just wondering where to wear your TARDIS dress, Becky!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Condescending Scold: We Have Pamphlets On That

Me: I might have just nicely told a patient to be proactive about her healthcare.

Mona: Weird.

Me: She was trying to get me to do stuff for her next month when all it would take is for her to call her doctor today and take two seconds.

lol That was such a mature way to scold someone.

Mona: Right?

Me: I really just wanted to say "Hell, no. You are a grown ass woman. Do it yourself."

Mona: I like the first one. It is more a condescending scold.

Me: And more professionally acceptable. I can't get fired for encouraging someone to be proactive about their healthcare. We have pamphlets on that.