Friday, December 20, 2013

The "Homemade" Gift

Yesterday I told you guys how I was giving Mona a homemade gift that she didn't deserve. I couldn't give too much detail, because Mona reads my blog, but we opened gifts last night! And...

Homemade Christmas Sweater
It even has a stocking pocket
Be jealous. 

And Mona laughed at the idea of me making something homemade. Ridiculousness. 

She wears a Christmas sweater every day in December, so it was thoughtful on top of being highly creative and beautiful. Who wouldn't love it? If you want me to make you one...just let me know! all seriousness, this was NOT Mona's real Christmas gift. I only made this gorgeous sweater because Mona laughed at the idea of me making something for her. 

It was out of pure spite I made this Christmas sweater. 

I went to Family Dollar on my lunch break, bought a shirt, gaudy Christmas decorations, and a stapler just to lead Mona into believing this was her real Christmas gift. It was payback for laughing at me. 

Mona was a real sport. She tried VERY hard to pretend it was wonderful. The only thing that gave her away is the face she made after she looked inside the stocking pocket to to see if there was money or a gift card (no such luck sister). 

I just about died trying not to laugh as she folded the sweater up very respectfully and thanked me for the gift. 

I let her sweat it for a few minutes as things settled down. We were just about to wrap things up the gift opening shenanigans, when I jumped up and said I almost forgot something.

I pulled a small gift, wrapped with delicate care (thrown in a gift bag on my way over), out of my purse. 

I gave the gift to Mona, she took the gift, pulled out the CD case inside, and opened it to find a CD filled will all of Mona's favorite Demi Lovato songs (Demi is one of Mona's favorite people) AND...


Mona was speechless.

She couldn't believe it. 

She was all ready to take that stupid Christmas sweater and move on with her life (hopefully wearing said Christmas sweater) and then I hit her with Demi!

I love lying to Mona! (This time it was for a good cause, unlike the time I wanted her to stop cracking her knuckles, so I told her she was breaking tiny bones in her hands ever time she did it. She believed me for years...longer than she should have.) 

Operation Demi Christmas Deception was a tremendous success!

(Also, while this may be a Christmas gift  for Mona, it is understood that the second ticket is for me.)


  1. What a cute idea for a christmas sweater. I have friends who did that for a party they went to. They did not do as good of a job as you.

    1. Eric @ So Much Sunshine! Thanks! I had a wonderful time making it...and I only had about 20 mins. (Side note: I love your blog)