Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

I have so many wonderful things I want to talk about today! Stuff that makes up for the stress of Dee and all the cranky patients who have been yelling at me this week.

So here is how my day is going...

I was thinking about what to blog about today when I was told by my Orthotist (she makes braces and diabetic shoes) that I was trying to be poached by the people on the third floor. One of the girls up there is leaving and apparently they want me. This was the first I was hearing about it. They were shut down before it even got to me. My department wasn't too happy about it. They kinda like me down here on the first floor. I did say I would consider bribes.

Then almost immediately after that June, from administration, who is know to be a bit of a hard nose that nobody likes, stopped by with homemade cookies stuffed in a manila envelope (so others wouldn't see) to thank us for what a wonderful job we did during the blackout.

I was just told by a patient I need to be paid more money because I'm so efficient (this was right after I thew my pen across my desk, so I think he was trying to encourage me despite my ungracefulness, but I'll still take it as a complement)

Then this afternoon I get to leave work at 2:00 and don't have to be back until Wednesday!

Mona and I are driving to Chicago tonight to see Demi Lovato (Mona's Christmas Gift). Super excited about this.

Tomorrow we are driving to Milwaukee to see the Veronica Mars Movie with a friend.

And then Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Mona and I are free birds. Going wherever the wind takes us. My favorite thing to do. We just drive and see where we end up. (I suggested an Irish festival on Monday for St Patrick's day, but Mona doesn't like that idea because she doesn't turn 21 until June and can't drink beer. She could still eat sauerkraut and polka dance)

So, it's already been a wonderful day full of complements and gifts and then my vacations starts at 2:00! I wish all Fridays were like this!

Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. I like Demi. I saw a documentary type show on MTV about her life and realized she had issues just like the rest of us. Thats great you get to see her.

  2. Yeah, she is very up front up and honest about her problems.