Monday, February 3, 2014

How To Get Ready When You Wake Up Late


Or I didn't hear it, but either way I'm blaming the clock.

We've had this little back and forth going on for awhile, where he tries to not go off and make me late for work and I have to outsmart him by setting other alarms.We used to only play twice a year, daylight savings time, but he's branching out and trying to catch me off guard.  (I am also starting to think he was responsible for the water incident back in December)

Little did he know, when he didn't go off this morning, that I had my "Leave the House Now" alarm set on my cell phone. He's never heard it before because I'm normally downstairs, with the phone, when it goes off.


That's my "Leave the House Now" time.

I had until 7 to get ready, drive 10 minutes (more if I get caught at stoplights) across town, and clock in for work.

I threw on my clothes from yesterday, bolted over to the upstairs bathroom and stuffed my toothbrush in my mouth as I put deodorant on and ran down the stairs.

I grabbed my makeup bag from the downstairs bathroom and spit my toothpaste out in the sink. My hair was in a ponytail at the top of my head, I could fix that in the car at a stoplight.

Out of the bathroom and to the front door to quickly donned my winter gear. Yesterday it was a sunny and warm 20 degrees, so I was hoping I wouldn't need to bundle up as much as usual, but when I walked out the front door, with my purse, makeup bag, and keys in hand, it was not a warm 20 degrees, it was -15. I hate Wisconsin's temperature range during the winter. It makes it hard to adjust.

I nearly froze to death as I scraped the ice off my car's windows, so I could see to drive. Once I cleared the car I got in I drove the 10 minutes across town, fixing my hair at one of the stoplights i finally made it to work. My fingers had finally defrosted from my outdoor escapades and I had to go back out. I rushed into the building to clock in. As soon as I was in I made a mad dash for the bathroom to pee and put on my make-up. With one last look over myself, thinking I look pretty good for the time allotted, I made it out to my desk with a minute to spare.

You will pay for this one Alarm Clock. You will pay!


  1. This was funny. I always have fears that my alarm will not go off and my job will call me wondering why I am late. Being late even just a tiny bit can mess up my whole entire day.

  2. It's definitely not a good way to start the day.