Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Speak German! (Ich spreche Deutsch!)

Guys, I can speak German!

I watched a German movie on Netflix yesterday, called Schlussmacher (Break Up Man). It's a really cute and funny movie about this guy who helps couples break up for a living. Okay, so maybe that doesn't sound so cute and funny when put that way.

Let me try again. It's about two guys and true love...but not with each other. Hum...

Okay, so the concept of this movie is a little strange to try and explain.

Let's see, what's something like an American version of this? ...I would call it a mash up of Due Date and the opposite of Hitch.

Yes, I think that makes the most sense.

Whether that makes any sense to you or not, it was a cute and funny movie. You'll just have to get it a try and let me know what you think!

But, back to my main point! I know I can speak German after watching this movie! I have been very slowly learning German. Practicing my guten morgen and Auf Wiedersehen. But when I watched this movie I knew I had arrived!

I could understand about 1% of the movie WITHOUT using the subtitles!!! 

Super impressive. I know.

I can also speak a few words in Spanish, Finnish, and Mongolian (and by few I mean one or two). 

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