Monday, November 11, 2013

Extreme Hobbies

So one of my coworkers, Kari, came to me in dire need of help.

Yes, she sought me out in all of my wise wisdom for answers. 

She was looking for a winter hobby that would get her out of the house and help her to be more social. 

Being the unsocial hermitis workaholic bookworm that I am, I had to Google it. 

Now when I first started looking I admit I was attracted to the more antisocial type hobbies 

Like this: 

Ship in a Bottle
It’s the classic old man hobby: putting intricate model ships in a glass bottle. Amaze kids with your ship in a bottle displays! They’ll spend the rest of their childhood trying to figure out exactly how you did it. Placing a ship in a bottle (or impossible bottle) is a task that takes dedicated focus, patience, and a steady hand. 
AND yes this came from a manly hobbies website. All the woman's hobbies were sewing and making a quilt, not what I was looking for exactly. 

I also suggested archery and whittling from this site, but she wasn't too keen on weapons use as she would end up hurting herself and others. 

Next I suggested this:


A lifestyle interest

a minimalist bedroomThis might not sound exactly like a hobby, but it sure is a lifestyle choice. Dabbling in certain lifestyles can be hobbies and interests for adults, so I'm sticking with this!

Here are some minimalism projects:

  • change to simple decorations and furniture (declutter, naturally)
  • stop using things like a wallet, a watch, a phone...
  • pare down your wardrobe (this is a pretty popular one, make a goal like only 20 or 10 items). Here'sanother example.
  • the 100 things challenge (pare your possessions down to 100 things).
  • make as many things digital (and not physical) as possible, such as files, photos, cds and dvds etc.
She wasn't too keen on this idea. 

From this site I also suggested street graffiti, joining the circus, or miming. But all she had to say was that she knew someone who joined the circus..."he was a real clown".

So I continued on with my search.

Ninja Turtle dog from DogboardinginPortland

Competitive dog grooming
Ever want to turn your Saint Bernard into a tiger?  Your Bichon into a panda?  How about a Ninja Turtle?  This one actually requires a little skill and some artistic vision.  Professional groomers compete by clipping, dyeing, and combing dogs into the craziest animals, objects, and characters.  This hobby/career is one that has to be seen to really be appreciated

Kari mentioned that she likes puppies and dogs, so I thought she would appreciate this one. But she doesn't have the dedication or the dog to do it. 

This next one sounds really cool, but again with her lack of dedication she couldn't hack it. 

Consisting of appearing as a bystander in the background of television shows, this is probably the most difficult of all the hobbies listed.   Very few have the resolve, planning skills, and perfect star-alignment to call this a hobby and not a mere pipe dream.

Who knew that Newsraiding would be such work? 

This hobby really sounds more like her speed:
But then I found it!!

The hobby that takes the cake!

I have never heard of this hobby before and I feel like I have been incomplete up to this point in my life!!

How did I go so long without knowing of this wonderful hobby? 

How does anyone go through life not knowing about this hobby?!?!

My parents taught me nothing!

I can't even...I just LOVE IT!!
Extreme Ironing (also called EI) is an extreme sport and a performance art in which people take ironing boards to remote locations and iron items of clothing. According to the Extreme Ironing Bureau, extreme ironing is "the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt." (Wikipedia)
How?! Just how does one even come up with these amazing things? There is even and Extreme Ironing Bureau!!

My Mind is blown! 

In the end, due to our lack of ironing skills (I may only own a mini ironing board which I never use, instead I just don't wear my clothes if they look too wrinkly), and Kari's lack of dedication, we settled on starting a book club where we may or may not read the book and get together to pretend to talk about it while we drink wine.

Sounds more like our type of hobby.  

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