Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Mona is trying to get me to finish my book. The one I started back in December.

I haven't written anything for it since December.

I have this thing where I'm REALLY, really good at starting things, but then I get bored and just sorta stop and never finish. It's such an unappreciated talent in life.

Well anyways, Mona has been harping on me to finish this book and get published and rule the world. She's on this kick where she wants to do everything and anything all at once and accomplish everything right now, but here's the thing...I'm lazy. This makes things very difficult and frustrating for Mona.

I have been going to the little diner across the street every day for lunch to wind down and relax from the stresses of work, enjoy a good meal and read a good book. Mona wants to bring my laptop and work through my lunch. I draw the line at starvation. I'm not going to become anorexic just to finish writing a book. So I told her straight out NO. And I went on reading my book about whales and eating my lunch.

Then, yesterday, she kindly and nicely invites me to go to coffee with her after work. I go in expecting a pleasant cup of coffee and pleasant conversation with my lovely sister, but no. She tries to throw her laptop in my face and tells me to get writing.

Another thing you need to know about me...the more people tell me to things, the less I want to do them. I'm stubborn that way. I'll dig in my heels and do the exact opposite of what you want me to do, no matter how irrational. Mom especially loved this about me growing up.

So instead I brought out my book about whales (Yes, I always carry a book with me at all times, even if it's a 700 page hardcover...don't judge) and let her work on her computer.

Then later that night, she tried depriving me of sleep to get me to work. She forced me to go sit at Perkins (open 24 hours) until all hours of the night, until I got some writing done.

I whined and cried and pouted, but eventually, after some food and focusing, I was able to finish a second chapter of my book! (I credit the food and not Mona for this accomplishment). 

After I finished Mona wanted me to keep writing, but I whined some more about needing sleep (I am still getting over my cold you know) and she took me home at 11:00 (I know I made it seem like we were there all hours of the night, but I'm getting old and 11 is way past my bed time). 

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