Friday, January 10, 2014

100th Blog Post

I really wanted to vent and be bitchy today, because I'm in a bad mood, but then I realized that this is my 100th Post!!!! So, I guess I've got to be on my best behavior. You know all celebratory and sweet and friendly and inspirational and wonderful. Not bitchy. Bitchy isn't flattering and I'm trying to get people to like me.

 It does't feel that long ago since I wrote my first post. I think it's my least favorite. It's super intimidating to write your first blog post and you always have it hanging there. It sets up everything that your blog is and will be. People will always judge you on that first post. I only know this from the pure and simple fact that I ALWAYS judge other people on their first post! (gosh, bitchy and judgy. This isn't coming off as very sweet and friendly.)

I've told you all about my drama with some patients at work and how it kept going and kept going and never seems to end. Did I tell you that my Homicidal Villain and her husband are REALLY trying to get back together? They are back living in the same house and he just makes sure to lock up all the drugs, so she won't try to kill him with them again. THEY ARE BOTH CRAZY!!!

I also told you about my creepy stalker patient who never seems to go away.

You followed me as I started my new job as a Batista and all the ups and downs that came with it until it finally came to an end. This journey was a hard one, but it was full of good life lessons. Mona and I left with grace and integrity, but I still haven't been back there since because who knows how I'd react. I think the experience will ultimately help me to be a better business owner and boss when I open my own coffee shop.

You have celebrated a milestone birthday with me and helped me come up with my costume for Thanksgiving.

I have shared my faults of crankiness, my fear of dating, how I can get super stressed, nervous, and anxious and how I can turn anything into a Doctor Who reference. Wait. That last one goes on my list of positive qualities.

I've showed off my crafting skills, my writing skills, and my ability to dump a glass of water on my own head to wake myself up in the morning. I think that last one takes real talent. Be jealous.

Now you may be asking what I have learned from blogging...okay, so maybe you don't really care, but I do and this is a self reflection post, so this is what you're getting. Like it or not!

I've learned about commitment. Normally I get bored with new things after a month, but I've made it five and a half months blogging with only missing a day or two here and there. I like it. It's rewarding. Makes me proud of myself. I might keep up this whole commitment thing.

I've become a better writer. Or at least I think so, this one can be kinda subjective. You will have to judge for yourself. And if you went back and read my first post, I'm sure you can judge me quite nicely. I sometimes make up new words and my punctuation is terrible, but I think I'm becoming more articulate. That's something!

I've learned more about myself. Keeping a blog has made me really sit down and think about my thoughts and feelings instead of pushing them under a rug and putting an elephant on top of them. I've found that I'm moody and insecure and clumsy and happy and weird and strong and nerdy and creative and thankful and scared and passionate and even a little bit funny at times. And all of that's okay. I'm happy with who I am. Good and bad. No need to hide under the carpet any more.

I've learned that all the people online don't want to scam and/or murder you. Now, I'm not saying that I'm giving you all my social security number anytime soon, but you guys are kinda great. It's a common misconception that my mother drilled into me, but I've found you all to be less murderous and more sweet and kind. Now I know you might be secretly plotting my demise, but if so, you guys are doing a wonderful job of hiding your devious plans. I'll never see it coming!

So, thank you for putting up with me and all my crazy and here's to all the adventures and life lessons to come in the next 100 posts!


  1. One hundred posts - amazing! Keep on going :)

  2. Far out. 100, and still finding cool things to write about, I raise my coffee cup and give you a toast.

  3. Great way to highlight your blog! I think a lot of people can relate to the things you have learned even in the early stages. The last one about scary internet freaks is major. I think that one takes a long time to learn and realize from people who do NOT blog.

    1. Very true. I think you will realize how truly nice strangers can be on your trip!!

  4. hey Luna, congratulations again! I found so many similarities between the two us reading this post (hope I didn't offend you:))) we seem to have the same sense of humor. and each time I read something about Mona, I can't keep myself from laughing ...I have a post, and if you read it, you know why :)) congrats again!

    1. Thanks again Lexy! I definitely think we have the same sense of's why I like reading your blog so much! Don't tell Mona this, but I think she's kinda funny as well She's started doing this thing, where every time she thinks she does or says something funny she asks if I'm going to put it on my blog.


    Keep up the good work, girl

  6. Nice post Luna and congratulations!!!... Will make sure to read your 1st post. I just have to see for myself.

  7. Thanks Karen! Don't judge me too much when you read my first post ;)