Friday, November 29, 2013

The Caffeinator

Yesterday's Super Thanksgiving was wonderful!

I may have been up until 4:30 Wednesday morning due to procrastination on top of procrastination, but it was worth it! 

The Shoes
I hit up Goodwill for ideas and inspiration and found these lovelies that just screamed SUPERHERO to me! (see picture of shoes to right) 

I went as "The Caffeinator"

Luna LaBlue was a biochemist doing research on the chemical effects of the caffeine found in coffee and how it increases/decreases a person's energy levels throughout the day.

For her research projects she set up test patients to try several different coffee brands while she monitored the effects the the different coffee had on her subjects. A few of her test subjects were showing startling side effects. 

Patients were unable to focus and extremely drowsy. After several weeks they lost feeling in their joints and were extremely hungry. So hungry, in fact, they started to eat other people. 

Her data showed that all of these mindless, zombie like creatures were ingesting coffee from DC Corporation. 

She went digging around and asking too many questions. 

While she was sneaking around trying to get test samples from their factory, she was pushed into one of their toxic vats of brewed coffee. 

She barley escaped with her life. 
The Caffeinator

Afterwards, through a series of unusual and comical events, she discovered that she could effect the energy levels of the people around her. She could give them enough energy to run 1000 miles with out a hitch or make them pass out in complete exhaustion with just a thought. 

DC Corp is at the root of everything. Luna, now masquerading as "The Caffeinator" , must use her new found powers to uncover what is really going with DC Corp and stop their new zombie creations from reeking further havoc on the city. 

Will The Caffeinator be able to wake the city up to see the mass destruction DC Corp is creating or will they let the sleeping dogs lie? 

We also had...

Mona as Slumber she could put anyone to sleep with just the sound of her voice.

Bananaman, dressed in a banana suit and could get out of any slippery situation.

Stitches, a woman who is bionic everywhere she had had surgery. (there was a breast reduction done, so she also had bionic boobs with guns)

Construction Man, who could fix anything.

HotHands, who could melt anything with her hands.

Super Slacker, who would save the day tomorrow.

Couch Potato and her magic remote control.

and G-ma (the name we use for our grandma) and her ultimate wisdom.

Super Food
It was a blast! A Super Thanksgiving in deed.

And the food did not disappoint either! My plate was overflowing with yummy goodness.

Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday, HotHands down.

Next year we are doing a decade. We're going to be doing the 80's. Almost everyone thought we were talking about the 1980's, but clearly I was suggesting the 1880's. We will have to wait and see what decade wins out!!

My vote is still 1880's.

Either way I can't wait!!

(P.S. Thank you to everyone for the great superhero ideas! I LOVED them all!! And a special thank you to Carrie who helped me come up with the Caffeinator!) 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mona, My Worst Nightmare

Happy Thanksgiving! Today the thing I am most thankful for is Mona.

Two years ago, around this time of year, Mona almost died on me.

She was living in Milwaukee at the time, going to school at MATC for their culinary and baking program.

She was home on Thanksgiving break, she was up painting long after everyone had gone to bed, when her arm started to swell and turn blue. Once she started moving it around, thinking it was her tight sleeve, the swelling went down and her arm returned to her normal pale white.

She told us in the morning and declined to go to the Doctor, insisting again it was just her tight sleeve, and that if it happened again she would go in.

Thanksgiving came and went and back to Milwaukee she went.

One again, her arm grew large and went from white to a weird purple.

She was living with our grandmother, so G-ma ran her to the emergency room as quick as she could.

Upon arriving, the ER did an array of pokes and tests, all coming up with nothing.

They sent her on her way and told her to see a blood specialist next week.

Due to the long wait and insurance reasons, she came back home to see her pediatrician (yes she was just 18 and hadn't switched to an adult doctor whole family works for the hospital, so they didn't mind seeing her).

The Doctor told her to go directly to the ER do not pass GO!

She had a pulmonary embolism (blood clots in her lungs).

There were so many clots they couldn't even count them.

The overall mortality rate of massive PE approaches 60%, with most deaths occurring in the first 2 hours of presentation.1,2 It is second only to cardiac arrest as the leading cause of sudden death, and in autopsy studies, it has accounted for up to 80% of sudden deaths in the hospital setting.3

The hospital in Milwaukee wanted her to wait a week to see the blood specialist. She would have been dead by then. 

They started her on blood thinners and started running more tests to see what caused the clots. 

She hadn't had any injury or surgery, she wasn't pregnant or on birth control pills. Nothing that would normally cause a blood clot. The fact that it seemingly originated in her arm was also unusual. 

Test after test came back negative. They were even worried it could be something genetic for awhile (making me susceptible as well) 

She was in the hospital for almost a week because they couldn't get her blood levels to come down and her clots to start dissolving. 

She finally was able to leave the hospital with self injections and no answers. 

She didn't really find stabbing herself in the stomach with needles a pleasant experience. She would bleed and bruise and cry. 

The Doctors were ready to chalk it up to a freak accident, when it happened again.

After, thinking she was well enough to shovel some light snow, her arm started to swell and turn purple. 

Back to the doctor and more blood thinners. 

Moma Bear was not happy with the doctor's non answers and freak accident theories, so she took to the internet. 

After countless hours of digging through the internets massive archives. She found Paget-Schroetter Syndrome tied closely with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Weird thing is our family practice doctor had also been pouring over the internet and came to the same conclusion as Moma Bear. Moma should be a doctor. 

So, Paget-Schroetter Syndrome it was. 

What PPS basically means is was that her first rib was pushing on her veins every time she moved her arm and it severally cut off her blood flow, to the point of swelling, changing colors, and causing blot clots.
This is normally found in athletes, so Mona was super impressed with herself and said it's because she is too hard core of an athlete. 

We could debate how much of an athlete she is all day, but the first rib had to go. 

No doctor in our town had ever done the surgery before so we didn't have much confidence, especially since the doctor never wrote her appointment note and refused to contact us and let us know what was going on.

Moma found a doctor in Madison's Mayo Clinic who specialized in Thoracic Outlet first rib removal. 

After fighting with the insurance company for a few days, we got our approval and were off to Madison for the surgery. 

Here's a video of the surgery I watched before hand...NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!!

The thing that upset Mona most about the surgery was that they were going through her armpit. She was hoping for a cool scar on her chest that she could show off, but nobody really wants to look at your armpit.

She was feeling all cool and brave about it and even asked the doctor if she could get a piece of her rib to take home. He was super excited about it and said he would do his best. 

They explained all the risks and what could go wrong, but thankfully I slept through her surgery on a waiting room chair (my defense mechanism) and none of those happened to Mona while I was asleep. 

She pulled through like a champ. Except for the fact she found out she was allergic to almost all the pain meds. At least we don't have to worry about her becoming an addict ever. 

When the doctor brought us the piece of Mona's bone that she requested, she wanted nothing to do with it. Mentally it freaked her out. 

I thought it was super cool!

She posted some long heartfelt post on Facebook yesterday about how she was glad to be alive. You could tell she was looking at her posts from a few years ago because I got this message. 


Mona: "A couple hours ago, I let the love of my life walk away from em. And all I said was hello. then he left to make more deliveries. UPS GUY I LOVE YOU!"

Just found that status from 2 years ago


Luna: Haha I remember that

Mona: Luns. almost 2 years to date. (her being overly dramatic alluding to her blot clot) 

Luna: I'm sorry you're so torn up about losing the ups guy...I told you to  to order more packages. 

You never listen

Mona: ha, you know what I mean

Luna: I never saw him so I don't really know


Honestly I try not to think about her near death experience that much. 

Otherwise I find myself having nightmares about her dying and leaving me alone to be consoled by my accidental date, Charles.


Not like that happened last night or anything. 

Anyways, this time of year, Thanksgiving or not, always reminds me to be thankful for my lil sis and that she's still alive. 

I swear if she dies before me I will kill her! 

What are you most thankful for today?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's a Super Thanksgiving

GUYS!! Thanksgiving is like two days away and I have nothing done!!

I  don't have any of my gazillions of desserts made or my superhero costume ready!!

What do you mean? Are you saying you don't wear a superhero costume for Thanksgiving? Weird.

You may think I'm joking, but I'm not. 

My family doesn't do the boring eat turkey and fall asleep watching a sports event kind of Thanksgiving. We Party like it's 1920!

Every year we have a different Thanksgiving Them. We have been Romans, gangsters, Packers (we are from Wisconsin), Pilgrims and Indians. We have done different decades where we had to dress like we were from the 20's, 50's, and 70's and such. One year we even dressed up like different countries and had to bring a native dish.

It's always hosted at my parents house and let me tell you, my mom goes all out!

She decorates our basement to fit the scene, painting murals and setting tables, she plans games and competitions and skits to keep us in charater. We have even done a few murder mysteries to add a little suspense to the show.

This year we have a superhero theme. We have to create our own super hero, alter ego and all. Here is the actual form my mother is making us fill out:

1. What is your secret identity (my superheroes name is)?

2. What can your superhero do (list and explain your super powers)?

3. Who are you really (what is your superhero's alias? What does he or she do when not in costume)?

4. Create your own world (name the city or place your superhero lives. List and describe your SH villains and archenemies. List and describe your SH friends)? 

Thanksgiving at our house is no joke. 

It is my absolute favorite holiday. It's not everyday you can see your grandmother in a long blond wig and cheer leading outfit with pompoms doing a cheer routine. 

And can you just imagine all the people wearing spandex this year? 

There is only two days left and I am sad to say I have no spandex in my wardrobe!

Talk about bad life choices. Word to the wise, always keep spandex in your wardrobe in the likely event you have to dress as a superhero for a family holiday, or save someone from a burning building on the way. 

I am even such a bad procrastinator that I have NO IDEA what I'm going to be for my super hero!!!

Any suggestions or ideas for me? What would your super hero be? 

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Day of the Date

Okay, so I did two posts on Friday, that both need talking about today. I am going to give and update on my accidental date first and then talk about my thoughts on The DAY OF THE DOCTOR. I'm saving the Doctor for last because there will be SPOILERS, so if you haven't watched it yet or on the off chance you do not care about Doctor Who (in which case we can no longer be friends) you can skip the end.



It was NOT A DATE. I stand very firmly on this point if you ask anyone I've talked to. Except maybe Charles, because in no way did I ask him if it was a date or not. That's just crazy talk.

I don't think he really thought it was a date either.

He didn't try to hold my hand or anything weird like that. He didn't ask me out for dinner or coffee after the movie or anything as preposterous.

It was just two coworkers seeing a movie together.

All of my friends and family say it was 100% a date because he bought my ticket.

But in my anti-date defense he told me another coworker had been yelling at him for not getting me a birthday present (in September), so he was making up for that and appeasing the other cowork. Nothing romantic in the least bit!


Yes, I am a freak when it comes to guys and dating. There's just no getting around it. It's a natural reaction.

The last time a guy properly asked me out, he did so just after telling me that he likes guys.

I'm fine with the whole him liking guys thing, but then to immediately ask me out kinda freaked me out.

So much so that I panicked, said maybe, and ran away.

Very classy, I know.

I'm just glad Charles doesn't work on Mondays. I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to act around him tomorrow.

I'm going for a cool, I don't care, I do this all the time, type attitude, but I'm not sure if that's whats really going to come off. I'll probably act more like a blubbering idiot.

I'm okay with being a single spinster cat lady for the rest of my life. Now all I need is some cats. Anybody got any I could take off your hands?

Now that that embarrassment is out of the way for today, let's talk about something else. Like...



The 50th anniversary special was spectacular!!

Seeing Matt Smith AND David Tennant together...eek! I JUST LOVED IT! I have never been so giddy!

And then you throw in John Hurt making fun of them! The interactions between them all was just fantastic!  The witty banter was top notch and everything I was hoping for and more! Moffat did not disappoint my expectations!

Then you have Billie Piper coming in as The Moment/Bad Wolf/Rose! That was nothing like I was expecting, but boy was she good! I think I liked her as the box between the doctor and the girl so much better than just a companion!! It made her way more BA and it was more heartbreakingly wonderful than just "Rose and the Doctor".

They way all of the story lines tied together, especially for Tennant's Doctor and how it fit so nicely with past episodes, and the salute to all the classics and the upcoming new Doctor worked brilliantly.

It was everything a 50th anniversary episode should be...and that accomplishment is quiet a feet.

I have to say a small part of me was hoping that they rewrote the Doctor's history and erased both Tennant and Smith's Doctors' history just to see what would happen, but it all worked out in the end. The Doctor found a way to save the day because of Clara pushing him to try and I'm happy he did, it's what the Doctor does.

The NUMBER ONE thing I was disappointed in was Christopher Eccleston!! He couldn't come back for an hour or two of filming just for the regeneration?!!?

I know, I know, Moffat said he wasn't coming back, but Moffat lied about a lot of other things as well. When Hurt's Doctor started to regenerate I thought, "This is it, he did come back!", only to be let down by a cut away.

Eccleston was my first Doctor, but I have never been able to get on board with him being my favorite Doctor. This is the reason why. This is 50 years of history. Most actor's are honored to be a part of this wonderful historic television show. Tennant became an actor just because he loved watching Doctor Who as a child. You can tell the difference.

But I'm not going to let Eccleston's disinterest get me down.

I could talk about Doctor Who for the rest of the day, but I will let you get back to your lives and close with this...

The 50th anniversary episode was a daunting task, one that could have easily left millions of people angry and disappointed, but I think Moffat did a wonderful job bringing everything together.  IT was a wonderfully brilliant episode celebrating the past 50 years of Doctor Who and also pointing forward to the next 50!

Now I just have to wait for them to ruin my Christmas by killing off Matt Smith.

(Side Note: Please don't ask me what number all the doctors are anymore...Matt is rumored to be anywhere from the 11th Doctor to 13th. I just can't keep up!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Accidental Date

I normally don't do two posts in one day, but I am seriously freaking out!!!

I think I just accidentally agreed to go out on a date tonight.

I'm talking to my coworker, Charles, about going to see The Hunger Games last night.

He seemed a little upset that I had seen it last night and then went on to mention how he didn't have anyone to go and see it with him.

I don't even remember what I said or how I said it, but it was something along the lines of

Oh, I'd see it again.

Next thing I know he's looking up movie times and ordering us tickets for tonight.

I felt sorry he didn't have anyone to go with and I wasn't thinking what it really meant when I said I'd go.

I'm probably just over exaggerating and he doesn't think it's a date. Just two coworkers who have never done anything outside of work before (unless you count that one time we went to a patient's fundraiser with my dad) going to a movie together...that he paid for.

I don't date. I don't know these things!!!

Mona says I unknowingly flirt all the time. I am just being my normal nice polite friendly self, but Mona says it's flirting.

And the worst thing is having to tell Mona and Becky about this. Becky and another girl at work have been trying to get me to go out with Charles for the past year.

I have always firmly refused.

I don't know what happened.

I think I'm feeling sick.

It's NOT a date.

I can't go...right?


Catching Fire was amazing!

It's been awhile since I've read the book, so I'm not able to nit pick every moment, like I normally do when books are turned into movies.

The books are always better, but I have to say they are doing a pretty great job with The Hunger Games!

And the crowd did not disappoint!

There were friends made, line skippers taken out, and grown men brought to tears.

The Police were called to escorted a purple haired women out of the building for smoking and drinking in the theater. When she was first confronted by management she was dropping the F & C words left and right and once the police showed up she left with anger in her face and tears in her eyes.

It was an all around great night!!

I highly suggest you go see it tonight, because Saturday is a worldwide holiday.

Tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for for the past 50 years!!

You: But Luna, you are only 25...? You haven't even been alive for 50 years, so how can you have been waiting for tomorrow for that long?

Me: Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.

If you haven't guessed yet, tomorrow is...


The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who!

I am so excited!! I am totally geeking out!

If you're not a Whovian you might think me a mad woman with a blog.

Readers, there's something you'd better understand  about me cause it's important, and one day your life may depend on it:
I am definitely a mad women with a blog!

I'm getting my fish fingers and custard ready for the party. 

I have my favorite t-shirt washed and ready to go.

            I am even making cookies!

I'm thinking about making a cake as well, but in all honesty the cookies are pushing my skills and effort. 

If I made a cake it would probably turn out like this!  (see cake picture on right)

Cake or no cake it will still be a brilliant!


I wish it was already tomorrow...

...but as we wait I will leave you with some of 
my favorite Doctor Who quotes 
to show you just why I love this crazy 50 year old show

“When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all… Grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid, and that’s it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.”

“This is one corner… of one country, in one continent, on one planet that’s a corner of a galaxy that’s a corner of a universe that is forever growing and shrinking and creating and destroying and never remaining the same for a single millisecond. And there is so much, so much to see.”

“Never ignore coincidence. Unless, of course, you’re busy. In which case, always ignore coincidence.”

“There's something that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick.”

“The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant.”

“Biting's excellent. It's like kissing - only there is a winner.”

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Money is Catching Fire

You remember yesterday when I said I was starting a super saving money and pinching pennies plan?

Well you know what I did immediately after writing said super saving money and pinching pennies plan?

I went out and bought three tickets to see Catching Fire for tonight!!

This money saving thing is not going to be easy...

BUT IN MY DEFENSE we did say we were going to this movie last week. Actually we said we were going after the last movie. And if you want to get technical I made a mental promise to see all the movies after I finished reading the books. .

So, really I have really been planning on going to this movie for the past two years.

Therefor this spending of money does NOT count.

Nor does the popcorn.

I'm just saying...I have pre-planned to eat popcorn at this movie too!

Don't judge me!!!

Moving on.

I am absolutely in LOVE with going to all the "late night" movie premieres!

It's a love hate relationship with the no longer having midnight movie releases because it just doesn't seem as cool to say "Oh, I'm going to see the premiere at 8:00 or 11:10", but on the other hand it is lovely idea when I think about waking up at 6:00 AM after seeing a 2.5 hour movie at midnight on a Thursday night (those Friday work mornings are rough)

I still love going.

I could quiet honestly care less what movie it is, from Star Wars to Twilight (yes, I went to see all the Twilight movies at midnight) it's all about the PEOPLE!

Normally I'm not a big crowd, lots of people type person, but standing in line for hours with these people is a horse of a completely different color!

Oh the crazy movie obsessed fans that come out in the night!

I just love them.

Star Wars people are the super nerdy, bring your lightsabers and R2-D2s along with you, type of fans.

The Twillight fans are the screaming/crying team Edward/Jacob tweens and middle age mothers type. It's a fine line between annoying and hilarious. At the last movie there was literally a girl full out sobbing behind me in the theater. I know I shouldn't get so much joy out of a teen girls sobs, but I do. I think I had a smile on my face the whole time.

Harry Potter fans are my personal favorite. All dressed up like Hogwarts students, broom races in the parking lots, trivia and spell casting games! AND let me tell you, the broom races are no joke. A fight broke out one year over them and the cops had to be called!

The movie theaters even get into the festivities with trivia, games, and prices. I there were even silent auctions taking place during a few of the Twilight movies.

I have to say I was a little disappointed in the Hunger Games crowd last year, not as many people dressed up as I would have liked.

I am holding out hope that the crazy fan base has grown a little since last year and I will see a few more boots and braids. What I really want to see is someone on fire! That would be cool! (I'm talking fake fire, not real fire. Real fire would just be ridiculous. I'm allergic to smoke)

I guess it's understandable that no one really wants to be a part of the Hunger Games. Fighting for you life and killing other children for sport doesn't sound like my cup of tea either. Well at least not as fun as going to Hogwarts.

(Side Note: to all the sobbing teenage Twilight fans out there, I may laugh in the face of your tears, but I would stand in line with you any day. You drew me in with your gumption and dedication and love. I am team Twilight.)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Run Away Business Meeting

In light of recent events, Mona and I decided we needed to have a business meeting.

The way this business meeting came about, is the same way most business meeting happen...

I went home on my lunch break and I found Mona sitting in our living room with her bags practically packed telling me she's running away RIGHT NOW!

Me: Can we wait until I get done with work to run away?

Mona: Well, I was going to run away without you, but I was to lazy and now you're here.

So, I got out of work early, we canceled our evening plans, cashed in our coin jar ($83 dollars!), downloaded a playlist, and hit the open road.

We rocked out to Nero/Skrillex 'Promises' and set out on our path for Milwaukee.

We ended up in the Historic 3rd Ward District. Super cute area of Milwaukee we have never been before. It has lots of cute little shops and restaurants!

Our "business meeting" was held at the wonderful Cafe Benelux. I loved the look and atmosphere of this place. The food was unique and good!

We had  the pork belly satay, sesame cilantro slaw, peanut sauce, for an appraiser and then we split the  sprocket, which is a burger on a baking pretzel bun with bacon, cheddar, duck fat fried egg, garlic aioli, and tomato jam. We also had the traditional frites and the sweet potato frites along with the roasted garlic and red pepper aioli dipping sauces.


I wish we had places like this were I'm from. It was very inspirational setting for our meeting.

We talked about where we are and where we want to be when it comes to opening our own coffee shop. And getting out from under The Man or in our case The Man-dy.

The ways things have been going with our coffee boss, Mandy, right now, is highly motivating. It's forcing us to kick start our own shop into high gear.

One of the tricks I learned in business school is to set a definitive and measurable goal. Using numbers and deadlines.

So, our goal is to save $60,000 and open our coffee shop by the end of 2015.

We are going to have to save 2,500 to 3,000 every month for the next two years to reach our ambitious goal. It's going to be a lot of hard work and cheep meals, but we can do it!

We both have two regular jobs. We both get tips. We both dogsit.

I am going to start donating plasma again and try to sell some of my artwork.

Mona is going to find more paying gigs for her music and she is going to try and win jingle contests (she already has a few in mind).

Once our lease is up we are going to move to a cheaper apartment.

We are going to completely get rid of our TV bill by cutting even basic cable and cutting down our electric bill by making sure to shut off lights.

And we are going to eat as many meals at my parents as we can without them realizing what we are doing.

We are going to save every possible penny. 

After dinner, with our stomachs full and our goals set, we took off for the Miramar Theatre on Oakland Ave to hit up their Tuesday open mic night.

There were quite an assortment of musicians and poets.

One skinny, nerdy looking white kid unexpectedly wrote rap lyrics.

Another rapper (obviously rap is popular in Milwaukee) reminded us of how Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation and how he would act if he tried to rap.

One musical looper was having technically difficulties so he tried to do a comedy routine. Not good.

And a poet was talking about vaginas and whores fairly explicitly and then apologized several times afterwards for if he offend anyone.

You could say the experience was interesting. 

Mona was by far the best person to preform and I don't say that due to bias because she is my sister or the fact that I helped write the music.

At first she was a little thrown because she had never played on an actual stage with lots of bright lights and all before.

Afterwards she said she didn't know how to act because she couldn't see the crowd and get people's reactions, so she felt like a fool.

I, of course, agreed with her 100%.

No, she did an awesome job and even gained a few new fans!

By this time it was after 10, and being the party animals and expert runner away-ers that we are, we headed home and went to bed.

Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm Over It

  • After Friday's debacle I have calmed down some. 

    Like I said, Mona went to talk to our coffee boss, Mandy, to try and clear things up.

    According to her it was a misunderstanding and she didn't mean to come off that way. She was talking about future employees.

    Even if, it was still crappy.

    It didn't make me any less mad about the meeting. I'm still upset and Mandy has lost ALL of my respect.

    Mona told her that I was pissed and would be harder to make up with (Mona was right) and that she needed to at least message me and apologize.

    Hours later I get a picture message with her smiling with a set of keys "We got the keys to the building!"

    This was her apology?

    Mona was at work, so I messaged her right away.

  • Luna: That picture was in no way an apology

    Mona: errrr. No.

    Luna: It almost made it worse.

    Mona: errr. yaeaah. So I take it you didn't respond? lolol. 

    Luna: If I responded right now I would tell her I wouldn’t be able to help at all this weekend


  • This is what you would be like Lololol

                Then you would be like          

    •  Then I would be like          

      • Bee do bee do bee do

        Luna: This is what I want to send Mandy:

                    Mandy. I don’t think I’m going to make it downtown this weekend. I think I need time to cool off. I don’t get upset easily and I am furious over what happened in the meeting yesterday. After not talking to you in over two weeks you basically told us that we need to get our slobby, lazy, selves to work and that if we didn’t you, Juan, and your sister would have free rein to scream at us whenever you want. You have created a hostile work environment, one that I would never want to work in. But mainly the things that were said about my sister in this meeting, directly and indirectly, were horrible and inexcusable. She was so hurt and upset by the way you have treated her over the last few weeks and what was said about her yesterday that she was in TEARS!! That is not something I forgive easily. I know that Mona said it wasn't meant that way, but you made my sister cry. I’m going to need a minute before I forgive you for that.


        • you going to do it?

          Luna: I think so, but I’m going to think on it for a bit. What do you think?

          Mona: You don’t think that stuff is better to say in person?

          Luna: Not my style

          Mona: lol

  • Once I wrote out my letter to Mandy to narrow down my angry feelings, I stopped and thought about what would happen if I sent the letter...

  • I would feel vindicated and justified in the moment. I would get my word in and give her a piece of my mind. But it would also cause more drama, I hate drama. It would be harder for me to go back and face her. Things would be more awkward and there would be more hurt feelings all around. Is this a job that needs to be kept or can I just cut ties off with her? Would it be beneficial for my future career of owning my own coffee shop? Probably not. People are hard to deal with especially  in a work environment. I won't always be able to cut ties with everyone I meet who makes me mad. Plus, do I really want to sink to this level? Using my words to cut and hurt. Or do I want to try to mend things even if I never get the apology that I want. Do I want to hold onto my anger? Will sending this letter cause more harm or good? 

    • Luna:

      •  I’m over it. 
      • Mona:

        • Luna: 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Don't Mess With Mona


And by someone I mean my coffee boss, Mandy, and her little side kick Janet!

We have not heard a word from Mandy in over two weeks, since we packed everything up and moved it into storage to wait a few days until we could open in our new downtown location.

That was at the end of last month and we have heard nothing from her since. 

I was ready to start looking for a new job again. Dazed and confused, but okay with whatever.  

Then we get a text late yesterday saying that there is a meeting at 6:30 to hammer things out for opening downtown. 

Thanks a lot for your planning skills, Mandy

I was pissed that she expected us to drop anything we had going on to come to her little powwow, but I got over it and moved my schedule around to go accommodate her so that we could to this meeting with our little group so we would know what the hell is going on.

Guys. When I talk about our group of people who are moving downtown. It's Mandy and her Partner, Juan, Mandy's sister, a girl named Tiffany, Mona and I, and then there is Janet who worked as a waitress in the no longer existing Mexican restaurant and has never made a cup of coffee in her life!

Sorry, I digress. 

So this super small group of  3 employees (I'm not including Janet) have been working our tales off to be open 16 hours a day on top of us all having other full time jobs. 

Last time we got together she was telling us what a wonderfully great team we were. 

We get to this ill prepared meeting and she blindsides us. 

Telling us exactly how it is going to be and that if we don't start doing exactly what is expected of us at exactly the right time we will be chewed out. Her, Juan, and her sister will be there to make sure we keep in line. 

She's basically telling us that we are lazy, slobs, who don't know how to do their jobs. 


I don't think I have ever been more insulted in my life.

I am extremely hard and good worker. 

Not to brag, but to give you insight into the situation, I have three jobs and am getting my bachelors in business management. 

My bosses, at a major medical facility, come to me with their problems and have me training other employees. I have never been written up. I am never late. I don't have patients complain about me. I have patients who come back just to say hi to me after they are done with their appointments. My old bosses trust me enough that, even after I quit working for them, they ask me to stay in their homes and watch their dogs while they are gone for weeks at a time. I have even had other team leaders in our health system come to me and ask me if I would like me to work for them

And Mona has been working her butt off this lady. She has basically been doing the job of a manager while getting paid minimum wage. 

We have all been going above and beyond for this woman.

And did I mention we volunteered our time to help her with this move? 

I was honestly ready to walk away at that point. And I would have been fine without loosing a wink of sleep over it, until Janet opened her big fat ugly stupid mouth. 

She started ripping on Mona!



She was saying stupid things about being ticked off about having to clean up after her all the time, and that she shouldn't be aloud to wear her stupid scarfs anymore, and how she has to redue all of the coffee lists she wrote out for her because she didn't do it exactly to her liking. 


She is the drunk waitress who doesn't even work in the same area as Mona. AND Mona has to clean chips and salsa off the floor every morning when she comes in the morning from the mess that Janet leaves the night before! 

*deep breath* deep breath*

Mona is going to meet with Mandy today to try and clear things up.

She is a better person than I right now. I just want to get out of this before I seriously injure someone.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

This Is It

I have no words.

I will think of nothing else the rest of the day. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Clock Strikes Again

I've been sick, still am, but I decided I could make it into work today. Runny nose and all.

So, I bundled myself up with my winter coat, scarf, and mittens. This is November in Wisconsin. There is snow on the ground. I need the mittens. 

I successfully made it into work without my boogers freezing on my face or me throwing up on the side of the road. 

This is a good morning! 

I got in and all settled at my desk and I looked at my schedule. 

It was 7 o'clock and everybody was at stupid journal club this morning and were not getting in until 8:30! 

Journal club (where all the physical therapists in our health system get together and read medical journals to keep up to date on treatments) is my day to sleep in! 

I could have slept an extra hour!  

I looked at the clock in disappointment and anger. 

As my anger fueled my hatred for this inanimate object (yes, the clock has the upper hand this time) I debated if I should clock in and sit and do nothing for the next hour and a half, go take a nap in my car, or go eat breakfast. 

After a minute or two of internal debate, as I gave the clock my squinted death glare, I finally bundled up once again and trekked back out to my car. 

Seeing as it was freezing outside and too cold to nap in my car I went to the little diner across the street and got a cup of coffee and breakfast. 

I popped my headphones in and watched last night's episode of  Marvel's Agents of Shield on my phone as I sipped my coffee and downed my eggs and hash browns.  

It was actually really relaxing. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated in between my sneezing attacks. 

Normally in the morning I hurriedly get ready with my eyes closed and crash into work just before I'm late and feel rushed and behind the rest of the day. 

I should get up early and do this more often.

But that would require waking up before 5:00 AM!!

And that just doesn't sound appealing in the least bit. 

I think I'll stick with the rushed frenzy thank you very much. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How Mona Dies

I'm sitting at home minding my own business and super busy (sick and watching Netflix in my pj's) when I get this text from Mona:

Mona: If I got murdered who do you think did it and why?

A strange text you may think, but I jumped right in.

Me: Becky 

(She is one of our closest friends and ex-roommate)

Me: because you said something about her life she didn't like

Me: How about me?

Mona: Lol...if it happened to you I would say your job

Mona: Ahh. Would it be an accident or planned out?

Me: Crime of passion, but Becky has been halfheartedly thinking about it for years.

Mona: Gasp.

Mona: jk I take back this question!

Me: The reason she finally snapped was due to the tumor growing in her brain which she secretly blames you for

Mona: Lol why does she blame me for the tumor

Me: It was the cheese puffs 

(back story: Mona & Becky have this game where they get a big bin of cheese puffs from Sams Club and catch them in their mouths by SPITTING them back and forth to each other...gross I know)

Me: she was sure of it

Me: With the tumor she couldn't hold back her rage as you once again called her out on one of her lies

Me: Why did it really matter if she was at home doing the laundry or out sleeping with the strange man she picked up at the bar

Mona: lol

Me: As you rattled on in your condescending tone, she picked up the chocolate cake sitting on the table and forced you to eat until you ate yourself to death.

Me: just like you tried to do to her before 

(Mona & Becky also have this weird thing were they eat whatever the other puts in their mouth...Mona fed Becky half a cake before and Becky didn't stop her) 

Mona: Lololololol

Me: It was a sweet death

Mona: oh man

Me: I would eat cake every day in memorial to your life and death

Me: Would you seek revenge for my death?

Mona: Oh! It would be a long process. Revenge show like. It would involve falling in love and sleeping with men...but I would do it for you.

Me: good I would expect nothing less

Me: Now I'm really craving a piece of cake. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Extreme Hobbies

So one of my coworkers, Kari, came to me in dire need of help.

Yes, she sought me out in all of my wise wisdom for answers. 

She was looking for a winter hobby that would get her out of the house and help her to be more social. 

Being the unsocial hermitis workaholic bookworm that I am, I had to Google it. 

Now when I first started looking I admit I was attracted to the more antisocial type hobbies 

Like this: 

Ship in a Bottle
It’s the classic old man hobby: putting intricate model ships in a glass bottle. Amaze kids with your ship in a bottle displays! They’ll spend the rest of their childhood trying to figure out exactly how you did it. Placing a ship in a bottle (or impossible bottle) is a task that takes dedicated focus, patience, and a steady hand. 
AND yes this came from a manly hobbies website. All the woman's hobbies were sewing and making a quilt, not what I was looking for exactly. 

I also suggested archery and whittling from this site, but she wasn't too keen on weapons use as she would end up hurting herself and others. 

Next I suggested this:


A lifestyle interest

a minimalist bedroomThis might not sound exactly like a hobby, but it sure is a lifestyle choice. Dabbling in certain lifestyles can be hobbies and interests for adults, so I'm sticking with this!

Here are some minimalism projects:

  • change to simple decorations and furniture (declutter, naturally)
  • stop using things like a wallet, a watch, a phone...
  • pare down your wardrobe (this is a pretty popular one, make a goal like only 20 or 10 items). Here'sanother example.
  • the 100 things challenge (pare your possessions down to 100 things).
  • make as many things digital (and not physical) as possible, such as files, photos, cds and dvds etc.
She wasn't too keen on this idea. 

From this site I also suggested street graffiti, joining the circus, or miming. But all she had to say was that she knew someone who joined the circus..."he was a real clown".

So I continued on with my search.

Ninja Turtle dog from DogboardinginPortland

Competitive dog grooming
Ever want to turn your Saint Bernard into a tiger?  Your Bichon into a panda?  How about a Ninja Turtle?  This one actually requires a little skill and some artistic vision.  Professional groomers compete by clipping, dyeing, and combing dogs into the craziest animals, objects, and characters.  This hobby/career is one that has to be seen to really be appreciated

Kari mentioned that she likes puppies and dogs, so I thought she would appreciate this one. But she doesn't have the dedication or the dog to do it. 

This next one sounds really cool, but again with her lack of dedication she couldn't hack it. 

Consisting of appearing as a bystander in the background of television shows, this is probably the most difficult of all the hobbies listed.   Very few have the resolve, planning skills, and perfect star-alignment to call this a hobby and not a mere pipe dream.

Who knew that Newsraiding would be such work? 

This hobby really sounds more like her speed:
But then I found it!!

The hobby that takes the cake!

I have never heard of this hobby before and I feel like I have been incomplete up to this point in my life!!

How did I go so long without knowing of this wonderful hobby? 

How does anyone go through life not knowing about this hobby?!?!

My parents taught me nothing!

I can't even...I just LOVE IT!!
Extreme Ironing (also called EI) is an extreme sport and a performance art in which people take ironing boards to remote locations and iron items of clothing. According to the Extreme Ironing Bureau, extreme ironing is "the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt." (Wikipedia)
How?! Just how does one even come up with these amazing things? There is even and Extreme Ironing Bureau!!

My Mind is blown! 

In the end, due to our lack of ironing skills (I may only own a mini ironing board which I never use, instead I just don't wear my clothes if they look too wrinkly), and Kari's lack of dedication, we settled on starting a book club where we may or may not read the book and get together to pretend to talk about it while we drink wine.

Sounds more like our type of hobby.