Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Amazon Prime Day (Today!)

Mona: I will now be sending you a list of what I want you to order on amazon as special gifts for me for because it is Amazon day tomorrow!

Me: Wait? Amazon day?

Mona: It is like Cyber Monday!

Mona: But better!

Mona: It is for Prime!

Me: Oh! Really? Or are you just making this up, so I buy you stuff?

Mona: No joke

Me: Do they have the deals listed already or do we have to wait until tomorrow?

Mona: Not sure

Mona: That is all the info I know

Me: Then I think we have to wait until tomorrow to find out the sales.

Me: Remember all the good surprises I got you on black Friday!? I'm SO excited!

Mona: You need to try harder.

Me: I tried really hard last time!

Mona: No you didn't you just got yourself books!

I'm sorry I thought she would appreciate the entire Game of Thrones collection for $10! Or a replacement for my never returned Night Circus! I saw her read a book once!! Geez. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why Am I Happy To See You!?! I Don't Even Like You!

Have you ever felt a happy nostalgic feeling over something that you once hated, only because it reminded you of something you hadn't even realized you had forgotten in the first place? Because at that very moment you remembered the good old days of torture and terror with a smile and it instantly brightened your mood and gave you a weird "what is this" feeling? And you thought to yourself, "Why am I happy to see you!?! I don't even like you!

Well, I had such a moment the other day and it made me think of you...


That didn't come out quite right. I didn't mean to imply I don't like you.

Oh, you're crying?

I'm sorry...I really didn't mean it that way!

Ahhh, you've been feeling neglected and were already thinking I didn't like you because I haven't talked to you in such a long time.

I see...

(nervously pauses to feel utterly guilty over my neglect because I really do love you and didn't mean to forget about you, but I'm terribly lazy and forgetful and I have no real sense of time or commitment.)

...well, anyways, I had such a moment the other day because of My Homicidal Villain! Yes, yes, the crazy lady who tried to kill her husband by poison who really likes to give me hugs (You can find out more or reread all about My Homicidal Villain HERE)

So, I was running around work doing work stuff, when in saunters none other than My Homicidal Villain and her husband. Until that very moment I hadn't realized it had been months since I've seen either of them! (Boy, the things you don't know your missing!)

I gave them a huge smile, because I was genuinely, or morbidly (I haven't decided yet), happy to see them.

And, here's the real kicker of the story folks, when Mrs. H.V. walked up me I, yes I mean meopened my arms willing to give her a hug!

As I was going in for the hug it was like I was moving in slow motion. Internally I was screaming at my arms to stop. I looked down at my them like they had betrayed me; like they had been taken over by another being altogether, because the Luna LaBlue I know, would never in a million years initiate a hug with a homicidal villain.

Apparently...I know nothing about myself. 

Because I  hugged her and then I hugged the husband too.

They told me that they had been separated for the last few months (probably why I haven't seen them), but they just got back together and he has finally moved into her apartment.

I hesitantly said "oh, I'm happy to hear that?"  She said "Thanks! I am too!" very enthusiastically and he kinda shrugged his shoulders and scrunched up his face. I didn't know how to respond from there, so I very awkwardly said my goodbyes, they stood there awkwardly for another few minutes, and then all went our separate ways.

This encounter, like I mentioned previously, despite betraying myself by hugging them openly, left me feeling happy that I saw them. Unlike so long ago when I dreaded the mere mention of them. Seeing them now, after so long an absence, got me to thinking about when they would come in all the time and how uncomfortable that was and how I would literally hide under my desk to avoid them and how I would write about them in my blog and how I used to write in my blog all the time and how I should start writing in my blog again and then that lead to me actually writing in my blog and now that has lead to you actually sitting here reading my blog.

Think about that for a minute...

You are here right now reading this all because of a crazy lady, my crazy lady, my Homicidal Villain and her husband walking back into my life. 

And that kinda makes you a little happy too...doesn't it?