Friday, May 30, 2014

Famdamly Convo: Illegal Contraband

If you read my blog yesterday, you might have noticed that I confessed to reading books my mother forbid behind her back. Mom thought reading teen romance books would ruin my life by turning me into a boy crazed monster that would eventually lead me to teen pregnancy.

Mom reads my blog. 

This is the message I got from Mom this morning after she read yesterday's post:

Mom: Fess up Luna where did you got the illegal contraband!!

Me: (I knew right away what she was talking about) Umm...the library.

Mom: Did you hide them or was I a dork and just didn't notice...I think we changed and said you could read, cuz you and Noelle (our next door neighbor...a pastor's daughter who was allowed to read them) were reading them

Me: I hid them. You caught me once when I was on the college years and you gave me a big speech, which I contemplated, but eventually ignored. By the time you gave the okay I was long done with the books. 

(I remember this VERY well...I was doing laundry in the basement as a guise to be reading and Mom came down unexpectedly. I quickly tried to shove the book under a towel on the top of the drier, but Mom caught me before I could hide it. She asked me to pull out what I was hiding. Not making eye contact, I slowly pulled out the banned book. We stood there, in the laundry room, unmoving, me emotionless, as she gave me a speech about the books and how they would corrupt my mind. I think I only half listened, because I had heard it all before. I didn't understand..I just wanted to know if Christy ended up with Todd! If you follow this blog you can tell that the books really turned me into a boy crazed monster...and if you really follow this blog you know that is the exact opposite of the truth.)

Mom: Yeah and look what it did to you...a hopeless romantic. I Knew it

Me: Ruined my life.

Mom: See I tried to warn you

Mona: Oh gosh

Mom: Us parents are super smart you know

To this day I don't understand the concept of Banned Books. Teach kids to be discerning and not believe everything they read in books or on the internet. Talk about the books and the ideas and concepts, the good and the bad. That's something I learned from Mom, so you don't need to worry about me. At least in that aspect. I do still hide books, but it's only because I buy too many and Mona yells at me. I can't go into a store without buying at least one. One time Mona saw one of my credit card bills and it a whole page with just Barnes and Noble purchases.  


  1. Ok - when you wonder if Christy ends up with Todd - could this be the Christy Miller series? Because I think I read the whole series three or four times throughout middle school and high school! I looooooved those books.

  2. Yes I am talking about the Christy Miller series! And I loved them too...I think I liked them even more because I wasn't allowed to read them. It added an element of danger and rebellion. lol

  3. That's hilarious! My mom never banned any books because of the exact reason you said. She taught me to be discerning and to think for myself. Although, honestly, looking back they should have told me my textbooks were banned. I probably would have read them.

  4. Oh man, that probably would have made text books more exciting! They would have been harder to hide though...