Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Interview With A Roommate

Mona and I interviewed the first roommate candidate yesterday.

The hardest part was trying to get the place to look clean enough that people would actually want to live there. We were only cleaning for four straight days (we were also both working full time and had homework and had to procrastinated some to keep up our reputations...so it wasn't that bad).

Her name is Candy. She is a friend of ours. She's part of Mona's Song Share group. A group of local musicians who get together and share music with each other. Basically a big jam sesh.

My favorite thing about Candy is that she works at Starbucks and gets free coffee...that she is willing to share with us!!

Sure, sure I like her just fine, she's nice, but the coffee. She can move in now please. Any problem that we have can easily be solved with free coffee. We will be just fine.

And she didn't mind the room darkening drapes everywhere. She actually said she liked them (I don't know if this was just to be agreeable to get the place or if she really meant it, but either way I'll take it).

She said she was just talking to a friend about wanting to move out and specifically said that she didn't think Mona and I were looking for a roommate and the VERY next day Mona posted our roommate ad.

I think that's what you would call fate.

Mona and I both think she would do well as our roommate.

She left us saying she would think about it and her money situation and get back to us, but that she was probably going to go home and start packing.


  1. That is one seriously cool graphic, did you create that?

    1. I did! Thanks Tim!! I've been using pixlr.com to create my graphics lately...I love it!