Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nobody saw that...right?

She came in again!! The "Homicidal Villain"! 

What does she think? Just because she broke her hand she has to be here every day?

Or is she really doing it to torment and haunt me in my waking nightmares!

Or is she coming in to poison my coffee while I'm not looking! (I am not leaving my coffee out of sight anytime soon)

Let's try not to think about this.

Thankfully, this time, I was able to avoid being in position to accidentally hug her.

So here's what happened...

Layout of Luna's Work
The Homicidal Villain walked in the front door (please see the elaborate, carefully crafted, drawn to scale replica of my building to the right), the girl at the Urgent Care desk, Kim (who knows the whole tragic story), sees the H.V. walk in and immediately calls me to warn me that she is in the building.

As you can clearly see, when someone walks in the front door they can easily see me sitting at my desk. So naturally, when Kim told me she was in the building, I immediately jumped under my desk with phone in hand and hid like someone was sneaking in the house while I was home alone and knew they were going to murder me.

Once I realized where I was, I slowly crept up from my desk, carefully checking to make sure the H.V. was nowhere in sight, and resumed work like a normal human being.

I feel like a idiot for hiding under my desk at work, especially when there were lots and lots of people around, but hopefully nobody saw me cowering under my desk like a little girl.

Just smile and way and wave.


  1. Hahaha You are a nerd! I would have "killed" to see this happening! That is great!

    1. If you were there I would have pushed you to save myself!