Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ice Cold Wake Up Call

Monday was my first day free of dogs!

On Monday night I was so excited not to have to wake up in the middle of the night (5:00 AM) to get up and let the dogs out. 

And by let the dogs out I don't mean open the door and let them go out. 

I mean, these people have a fully fenced in back yard and, on top of that, an electric fence to make it even more secure AND THEY STILL WANT ME TO GO OUTSIDE AND ACTUALLY WATCH THE DOGS SO THEY DON'T RUN AWAY!! Guys this is December in Wisconsin, it wasn't warm. It was ridiculous. 

So, again, I was excited not to have to be up at five in the morning standing outside in the cold. I had set my alarm for 6 (had to be to work by 7). I had taken a shower the night before, so when the alarm went off I decided to hit the snooze button for another 30 minutes. It was so nice. I had a smile on my face as I quickly turned to lay back down and drift back into a peaceful slumber. 

I guess I turned to quickly because I ended up with ...


Talk about a freezing cold wake up call! 

I had set a tall glass of water on my headboard the night before and had knocked it over...right onto me.

I've always seen people being awoken this way in the movies, but I always thought "Oh, that wouldn't be so bad!"

I don't admit this often, but I WAS WRONG.

It was terrible!

But you know it actually works! It wakes you up and it's hard to go back to sleep because EVERYTHING is wet, not just your face like it shows in the movies. I was drenched, my pj's were wet, my pillows were soaking, and my mattress was a sopping mess! 

So much for peacefully sleeping in! I don't think I'll ever put my water on my headboard again. 

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