Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another Post About Charles

Okay, do you remember back in November when I accidentally went on a date with Charles to see The Hunger Games? And then how I tried everything in my power to convince myself it wasn't a date? (It really wasn't)

Well, yesterday. Dad really wanted to see The Hunger Games and, because nobody would go with him and he didn't want to go alone, I said I would go with him.

I posted on Facebook: Hunger Games for a third time? Why not. 

The first reply that I got was: Good idea, I might have to try that. From Charles.

With in two seconds of him posting this I got harassing messages from my family and friends (who still insist it was a date) saying he was basically begging to go with me.

Normally if anyone posted something like this, I would be all "HEY! COME WITH US!" 

But instead I said: It may seem obsessive, but I'm okay with it.

What kind of lameness is that? I didn't want to ignore him and I didn't want my family to mock me more, so that's the best I could come up with on short notice. But, in my defense, saying "do you want to go out with me and my daddy?" didn't seem like the best option either. Just because I can write a blog, doesn't guarantee I can come up with good stuff to say on the spot that requires real life social skills.

When Dad picked me up for the movie he said he was going to post something on my status about asking Charles if he wanted him to bow out so Charles and I go to the movie alone.


I know he likes to try and embarrass me (it's a sport of his), but that would have been crossing a line.

On a normal day this would have been upsetting and awkward enough, but earlier that day I found out that Becky, who works in the same Clinic as I do, has been referring to Charles as my boyfriend to the entire second floor!

I was training another girl, Jackie, who normally works on the second floor. Charles comes out to the front desk to say hi and as soon as he leaves Jackie turns to me and says "Oh, so that is your boyfriend"

Two seconds later this conversation took place:


Becky: Umm lots of stuff lol she sits by me every day...we share. I might or might not have said you and her son would be cute together

Me: Not that.

Becky: Oh lol then what are you talking about? Charles?

Me: The first time Charles walks out here she says “so that’s your boyfriend?” Not in front of him thankfully!

Becky: ...this is awkward.

Me: What do you have to say for yourself?

Becky: I’m ashamed

Me: What exactly have you been telling people?

Becky: I swear I have just told her that I’m trying to set you up with him, but Kayla and I kinda refer to him as your bf so I can seeeeee some people taking it the wrong way

Me: I hate you.

Becky: I didn't mean to!!!!!

Me: Yes you did.

Becky: I will simmer it down

Me: You will shut it down.

Becky: Fine. Consider Operation Luna’s Prosthetic Heart shut down. (Charles works in the Prosthetics department, in case you didn't know why Becky thinks she funny)

Me: That’s what you've been calling it?

Becky: I just thought of it. Genius I know.

Me: No.

I think I need to find me some new friends and family.


  1. I wonder if Charles reads your posts....That would put quite a twist on things huh?

  2. Gosh no! I haven't told him about my blog. But now it makes me a little werry thinking he'll find it on his own!