Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What are you trying to say Mona?

There was a very personal offense committed against me today! 

So, I went into the coffee shop this morning, like I do every morning, to get my coffee. Mona was working. I was running late and still half asleep, so I told her to make me whatever she wanted.

She handed me my drink and as I grabbed it to run (as I said before I was running late) I asked her what it was. She said "Just try it and text me what you think".

Guys, it always makes me a little weary when Mona doesn't tell me what it is I am putting in my mouth. One time she made Easy Mac with Code Red and wanted me to eat it. It was weird. Let's just say she likes to "experiment" with her food or rather my food. 

As I backed out of the coffee shop I  gave her my squinty suspicious eyes. Normally I refuse to put anything in my mouth from Mona unless she tells me what it is, but I was late and it was coffee. 

Once I got to work I went to take my first sip. 

It was...different. 

It just tasted a little off. I couldn't put my finger on exactly what was off about it, but I didn't think I liked it. 

I messaged Mona to see what weird thing I was drinking. 


Me: What is it?

Mona: Do you like it or no?

Me: I don't know

Me I don't think it is my favorite  (this was me trying to be nice and not hurt Mona's feelings)

Mona: Lol

Me: what is it?

Mona: Sugar free, fat free vanilla latte! haha


Me: i don't like it

Mona: Lololololol

Me: ya creep 

Mona: I was hoping you would like it

Me: why...so I don't drink sugar all day?

Me: I'm not even a fan of regular vanilla all the time.

Mona: Lol okay we'll try caramel tomorrow Hahaaaaaaahahah

Me: Meow.



First of all, it is a sin to take the sugar out of someone's coffee, especially without asking or telling them.

Second, what is she trying to say about me? 

I don't like it. 

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