Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I told myself I was going to get caught up on all the homework I'm behind on this week.


The furthest I've manged to get is logging into the website and checking my school email.

I specifically came into the coffee shop today to sit and do at least 3 hours of homework before I start my shift at 3:30.

As I'm grabbing my coffee by boss asks if I can start at 2:30 instead...there goes an hour

Well after talking to everybody and catching up on my gossip it's already 1:00.

I could have start my homework, but now there just doesn't seem like enough time to even leave a dent, so I'll just try again tomorrow.

Or that's what I tell myself to feel better.

Sunday night I will be scrambling to try and get everything done before I have to talk to my teacher on Monday.


  1. I feel you girl!! Next week I will begin working full time while going to school full time! I'm not sure how I'll manage! The days of taking it easy with my homework are disappearing.

    1. good luck! my advise would be to get rid of the's too distracting

    2. You guys will be fine. Might mean some serious midnight oil, but you both are pretty smart and savvy enough to "get r done". Just don't let yourself get toooooo backlogged. That's the stuff of anxiety. No bueno. Blessings! :)