Friday, October 4, 2013

Daughter of the Year Award

I am a terrible, crappy, atrocious, absolutely horrifyingly dreadful daughter!

Background Story

I don't sleep at night. I am a terrible insomniac (and it's not because of all the coffee...I have tested this before). I function on about four to five hours of very interrupted sleep and can go about life perfectly fine, so it doesn't bother me much.

But, after a while of not sleeping, well I kinda crash. I never see it coming. I tell myself I'm just going to close my eyes for a minute...take a little half hour nap.  
Before I know it I'm woken up twelve hours later with someone banging on my door with life support.

During this time I am, as Mona calls it, "dead to the world". I don't hear a thing. I am completely passed out with drool running down my face and all.

Mona says she has tried to wake me when I have been in this "napping" state before and all she will say is don't poke the bear while it's napping.

I don't remember anything.

I was just napping. No life support needed.


I got off of work early (I know crazy concept). Mona was working late, so I was going to be home alone and my mom was in Milwaukee, so my dad was home alone. I called to see if he wanted to go to dinner with me, so we didn't have to eat alone.


I got off work at one and we weren't going to be eating dinner until five, so I foolishly thought to myself that I have time to take a little nap. I will even set my alarm for four just in case.

I found my self woken up from someone pounding on the walls downstairs. I thought it was my neighbors because we have paper thin apartment walls and I swear they have 12 kids. I looked at the clock and went into a panic because it said 7:30 meaning I was suppose to be at work thirty minutes ago!

As I was running around like a mad woman, I grabbed my phone and noticed I had seven missed calls, several text message, and even Facebook notification from my Father, Mother, and Mona all questioning if I was alive or not.

Finally what really happened clicked. It was 7:30 PM and I missed dinner with my dad.

The banging was still going on as I hurriedly dialed my dad's number to apologize and let him know I was in fact still alive.

The banging stopped.

Come to find out the banging was my father at my front door and not the noisy neighbors with the twenty-six children.

My dad was so concerned with my well being that he drove across town and stated banging on my door to check to make sure I was okay. He thought I was literally dead.

Mona said she knew I was sleeping.


  1. This happens to me too infact some years back, I woke up to find pebbles in my room, my neighbour had cut open my net and thrown in a few. Now, I learnt to sleep with my door unlocked just incase. lol

    1. My sister just told me I should send out text messages before I take a nap' but sleeping with the door unlocked might be helpful too