Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stupid Goodreads

You remember back when I said I was done reading book reviews?

Well, I've gone and got myself in big trouble...I signed up for Goodreads today.

I'm an idiot! I don't have time for this!

But look at all the pretty books! It wouldn't hurt to just look.

Are you sure? I have a blog to write and work to do and homework to get done.

You won't be on there will just take a little peak. 

But if I look I will want to read all the books!

No, no my dear. You have more self control then that.

You're right I will just sign up look to see what it is and then get back to my work. I AM IN CONTROL.

Yes, you are in control. (hehe)

Five hours later


Nothing...the answer is nothing. I have done nothing but look at books and book reviews and book giveaways all morning!

I have 83 books in my "Read" bookshelf. And that's without looking very hard.

There are 66 in the "To Read" section. Which could have been way higher if I didn't restrain myself a little bit.

And I am "Currently Reading" 6 books.  This may seem like a high number, but I have reading books all over. I have them upstairs, downstairs, in my car, in my purse, and on my phone. I also have heavy and light reading categories in different spots for options depending on my mood. So six is really a low number...wait, I just remembered that I have Game of Thrones as my heavy reading car book! So change that to 7 books...

And this is me restraining myself.

You need to go back and add Game of Thrones to your reading list.

You could say I might have little bit of a problem.

Your list is incomplete without it!

Shut up, Voice! That wasn't a no! I'm going to do it right now...

Okay, you could say I have a big problem.

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  1. You should friend me on Goodreads! I've had it for about 3 years now or so and I enjoy it. I like seeing what others are reading and sharing my opinion of the book. Also,you can post your own writing.

    And there are LOTS of giveaways!!!