Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dramatic Turn

My poor coffee boss, Mandy, had such a bad day yesterday!

Her day started off so good and then it took a very dramatic turn for the worst.

When I talked to her in the morning things were wonderful!

The coffee shop relocation  was coming along nicely. They were drawing up paperwork for a main street location for a thousand dollars a month (almost unheard of downtown plus it's $1,700 less than what we are paying now).

There was no drama at home (which is a little unusual for her).

And she was getting over her breakup with Juan. She had been talking to this guy online for about a year and they finally decided to meet on Tuesday night.

Mandy was nervous and only wanted to meet him for five minutes, so they decided to meet in the Walmart parking lot over by the liquor store (crazy thing about my town, we have to sell alcohol in it's own establishments, so we are talking the back lot of Walmart) at night.

When she was telling Mona and I this story we made fun of her so much! Who meets a guy they met online, at Walmart, at night? That's safe and so not ghetto at all!

Anyways, they did hit it off and she really likes him. She said they had this big movie moment kiss where he grabbed her face and pulled her in and just kissed her. She said if she hadn't been standing next to her car she might of fallen backwards it was so good.

They liked each other so much they even made plans to go out again last night.

So you could say she was in a pretty good mood yesterday morning.

Then we fast-forward to when I went into work that night. 

She got an email from the property manager saying they "miscalculated" the amount of space in the building and the rent would be going up an extra $500.

When she had gone home to see her son, he pulled her into his bedroom and closed the door and started sobbing uncontrollably.

He told her his missed his grandpa (her dad who passed away a few months ago) and didn't know what to do.

When she got back to work she asked me "how do you help someone with something when you're not even okay with it?" I told her "No thank you have a nice day?" and walked away. (when faced with difficult situations, where I have no idea what to do or say, I try humor to make people feel better...I got her to smile, so mission accomplished).

And the the final blow...the guy stopped responding to all of her messages.

Not a word from him after making the plans to go out again. She sat waiting all night, ready to go out with him, and the jerk never answered her back. Just left her without a word.

She ended up sitting with Juan at the restaurant all night.

At the end of the night I gave her a hug and told her everything was going to be okay, but my heart was breaking for how her good day turned out so very bad and so very heartbreaking.


  1. Wow, your blog is like a roller coaster, sometimes happy, sometimes less so, but always worth reading. You are really good at creating a scene, and conveying the sentiment!

    1. Thanks Tim for all your kind words! A roller coaster does sounds like a very good explanation of my life!

  2. But she is still lucky to have you by her side..
    and don't worry everything will be okay, i'm sure of that.

  3. I met my husband online! Can you believe that!?!

    When I lived in a big house with 4 roommates near a lot of bars (the cool part of town of course) I did a lot of online dating. I had a date like your boss. Though no movie kiss. This guy was tall (I'm almost six feet myself!) and he had a good job...we met at the coffee shop a block from my house. All he did was talk about cars!! No Joke!!! He kissed me before I went inside which I wasn't expecting and then never texted me again! So weird right?!
    Online dating can be fun but there are a lot of weirdos out there so you have to be careful. could just find your match! (like me!)