Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coffee Shop Relocation

The coffee shop I'm working for, the one that's also a Mexican restaurant and also has been having some partner relationship problems, is relocating.

They are relocating downtown, because the rent was raised $700 where they are now. The building we are moving into is smaller, but has the option to grow.

They are getting rid of the Mexican restaurant (but not the business partner) and just going with the coffee shop in the move, but the coffee shop is still going to be serving taco's on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

I am glad they are getting rid of the Mexican restaurant, but I personally think that still serving taco's on the weekend is a big mistake for several reasons. And I am going to tell you guys why, because they refuse to listen to me and I need to vent.

1. Coffee shops and taco places attract two VERY different types of customers. They say they want to draw in the hip modern sophisticated coffee drinking crowd. The taco place will drawn in the drunk hicks. 

2. We are in a fairly large town (63,000) and there is no coffee shop downtown. This is a GREAT unique opportunity and you will monopolize the downtown market!! There are already two other taco places downtown. One is an very unique authentic well priced great Mexican grocery and restaurant. We will make an average overpriced taco.

3. It's a small place. If people are taking up space waiting for their tacos it is not going to leave a lot of room for the people who are there to sit and drink their coffee. 

4. Coffee and tacos taste terrible together. It's true. It's absolutely terrible. You can try it if you want, but I wouldn't recommend it.  

If they go this way they are going to continue to drive away their customers!

I know that if I'm at a coffee shop on a weekend night, it is because I'm trying to avoid the drunk bar crowd and I don't want to be at a place that is selling tacos to them. 

I know that I'm just their minimum wage Barista/Waitress, but I'm not getting my B.S. in Business Management for nothing! These are things I have learned. I can't help, but want to help, but nobody's listening!!


  1. You're making valid points...I'll munch on tacos with alcohol not coffee. I guess they want to keep the other partner's idea alive with the tacos.

    1. The thing is he hates the tacos. He just thinks it will make him an extra buck.

  2. Just be glad that when you start your own coffee shop you won't be serving tacos! Maybe you could talk them into switching to Mexican desserts?

    1. Hum...I like the Mexican dessert idea...I will have to look into that!

  3. yeah, you really got a point there love.
    i cannot imagine having coffee with all the tacos.. weird.

  4. You make very good points xD Coffee shop and tacos.. they just don't sound like they work together.