Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Walking Dead and Instruction Manuals

Mona and I have been trying to save money, so we cut down to basic cable in June.

Over the summer this was no problem. We were busy running around and there wasn't a huge amount of cable shows on that we wanted to watch, so we didn't care that much (except for our problems during SHARK WEEK)  

This fall has been a little harder...


I had to find out from my mom, after she watched it! (and if you know my mom this is super embarrassing)  

Mom saved The Walking Dead and Talking Dead on her DVR for me and she let me and my friend Becky come over last night to watch them with a homemade dinner included!

When we arrived there were some technical difficulties...with the dinner.

Mom's new oven kept turning off in the middle of baking our dinner. 

Mom and Dad were trying to figure out how to fix their oven problem and I tried to help by reading the instruction manual. 

It was fascinating! 

I didn't solve the problem, but I did find out some very interesting thing about ovens I never knew!

Like putting aluminum foil on the bottom of an oven can ruin it.

Or covering the racks with aluminum foil is not recommend because it prevents air flow.

And that most modern appliances now have something called "Sabbath Mode" which shuts off all the extra features to allow people with religious beliefs, like Jews, to be able to cook food on the Sabbath without breaking any of their not working on the Sabbath day laws. 

The things you can learn by reading an instruction manual!

Again, I didn't figure out what the problem was, but I knew it was NOT something covered in the instruction manual. That's something right?

With some maneuvering, Mom was eventually able to get our dinner cooked, so could eat, but they will have to call the repair man to really fix the oven. 

Then it was time to watch The Walking Dead!


I don't want to give away too much, just in case you are like me and waiting to watch it on your mom's DVR, but it was good. 

There was blood and guts and crazy zombies and crazy people and pigs and death and tears and no tears and knifes and guns and heads and gardens and action and death and crazy new things things that leave you wanting it to be next week already! 

At one point Becky even screamed. I wasn't paying attention, so when this high pitched noise came out of nowhere I nearly jumped right out of my seat! 

It was awesome!


Now if there is ever a zombie apocalypse I will know how to survive by being able to cook my food in an oven that is on Sabbath Mode! (I could also sabotage an enemy's food with aluminum foil...they would never see it coming...but I don't want to give away all my apocalypse survival plans)


  1. awesome!
    I don't want to watch walking dead yet, I'm gonna wait for the whole season to be released in dvd,
    I am on supernatural marathon nowadays, from 1-8 nonstop.haha
    I haven't figure out yet about my survival plans if there's apocalypse..
    good idea.off to create my plan!

    1. I like the TV show marathons! I did that with supernatural and I got caught up to date and wasn't sure what to do with myself. I hate watching it week to week, so I'm waiting to get last season to on dvd.

  2. Freakin' love the Walking Dead. My husband has read every comic and I haven't gotten around to reading them yet. We have satellite mainly so he can see all his football, and plus we have so many shows we follow.
    This fall alone:
    The Walking Dead
    Sons of Anarchy
    Agents of Shield
    The Goldburgs (We were both born in the early 80's so this show brings back some memories! SO FUNNY)
    Homeland (Love this show a lot too!)

    I think that's it. Besides football of course. :) And CNN...Love my CNN. :)

    1. Yeah!! Another Walking Dead fan!!
      I am really liking Agents of Shield too! I didn't get a chance to watch the Goldburgs. And Sons of Anarchy and Homeland are on my tv marathon list of shows to watch!

  3. never watched that show...being thinking about starting..my cousin raves about it.

    1. I highly recommend it, unless you don't like blood and guts