Friday, October 25, 2013

Banker's Hours

I think I am going to like this coffee shop moving downtown business.

So, I was working like normal, minding my own business, when this gorgeous man walks in.

Let's just say he was not to terrible to look at...blond hair, an adorable smile, and a fitted gray business suit with a six pack underneath (I'm just guessing about that last part).

Pure ugly.

Come to find out he was looking for my coffee boss, Mandy, because he is working with her for our relocation downtown.

If these are what the downtown men look like I say we pack up and go right now!

Right now we get all the ugly smoke shop men from next door. Not pretty.

Once I found out he was helping us with our move downtown, I of course, introduced myself.

Then this crazy woman, who everyone calls "Man Hands" walked in and interrupted our lovely conversation, by asking for the free burrito Mandy had promised her for not smoking the last ten days (I think she might have been smoking something else).

The gorgeous man started backing towards the exit...stupid Man Hands!

On his way out he said "Tell Mandy I will call her and maybe I will see you downtown someday".

I took this as he is madly in love with me and wants to see me again. (I think it was more of a general pleasantry, but I like to believe otherwise, so don't burst my bubble!)

As soon as Man Hands left, I immediately called Mandy and asked her where she had been hiding this wonderful man.

Apparently he has been hiding in the normal banker's business hours while I have been at my other job.

Yes, that's right, he's also a banker

I told her that I wanted to be in charge of all of the downtown business interactions from this point on and that she can give him my phone number for further contact.

She said she would give him my number and tell him if he needs help with anything, anything at all, that he can call me.


Can we please be downtown already?


  1. That piggy bank in the fish bowl picture is seriously cool, it deserves a post all by itself.