Monday, October 28, 2013

Back to Work

First day back to work after a whole week of sleeping in and goofing off and not doing much of anything important or responsible.

Today I rediscovered my hatred for alarm clocks. 

I had to drag myself out of my nice warm and cozy bed. And wouldn't you know it was the nicest and warmest and coziest bed ever.

After I managed to get up, I was so tired I could hardly remember how to shower. I think I might still have soap in my hair.

Finding something to wear also proved difficult. I have been wearing all of my inappropriate work attire this past week (by inappropriate I mean jeans and sweatshirts) and all of my work clothes seemed to disappear. I'm did wear a nice shirt yesterday, so I wore that again today (nobody at work saw me in it and it doesn't smell).

I bundled up in coat and scarf, grabbed my dry Wheaties in a paper bowl, and braved the dark cold windy morning.

The sun was nowhere in site. I swear last time I went to work it wasn't this dark.

People shouldn't be up before the sun.

It's just wrong. An injustice to all mankind!

I grumbled about the dark all the way to work only to walk into an even darker empty building.

It felt weird going back into work, it may have only been a week, but it was still surreal walking into the desolate building.

It was like I had been here before, but it was a distant memory. Would I even remember all the passwords I changed right before I left?

There was a real moment of panic, because I didn't write them down anywhere and my mind blanked for minute, but my brain kicked in and I was able to log in to all of my computer programs.

My brain might have remember how to do all my work, but it still doesn't like it. Especially all the paperwork only I know how to do and have to catch up on.

I did, however, miss all the workplace drama.

This morning has been full of tales of the suicide of the chief of police (who was found dead on the trail behind where I live...super creepy) and rumors of him cheating on his wife and how the police are covering it up and a list of all of the people who wanted him dead.

And how a detective is investigating a coworker on daycare fraud and trying to find out who turned her Facebook page into the cops as evidence.

Also things like the latest diet trends.

Or how I wasn't here when a coworker's cousin pasted away suddenly.

And how someone else is trying to talk her cousin into going to Kilimanjaro in May.

And making up our gift basket for the United Way fundraiser.

And I did miss some of my patients like the lady who always stops by to have me copy her paperwork for her insurance company.

Or the old man who has me print him off his schedule everyday because he likes the way I do it best.

I may not have missed the waking up early or paperwork, but I really did miss all of the people. This is my work family and I like being apart of their lives and really miss them when I'm not here. 


  1. Replies
    1. I know...I was lazy and it would have been messy to eat and drive.

    2. Okay! I just wanted to make sure you knew we did have milk...It is not often! So, embrace this moment!

  2. As awful as it can be, and I am at work by 6:30 every morning so I understand your early morning agony, you can become awfully attached to a job, a place, a group of people, and a paycheck. Man, I have really grown fond of my paycheck.

    1. Yeah...the paycheck is really nice. I have paid time off and it was really nice to still get my paycheck while doing nothing!