Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Mona and I live together in a very nice, three story, three bedroom apartment.

It's a very large space for just the two of us, so we tried renting out the extra third bedroom for awhile.

In under a year and a half we have managed to run off two roommates.

The first one said she wanted to "live on her own". I'm not sure if that should be taken as an insult or not? (just to clarify, no insult was really taken...although Mona was a little upset...she even wrote a song about it)

And the second one wanted to get away so bad she got appendices and racked up huge medical bills to get away from us (she's okay, she's just broke and couldn't afford to live with us anymore).

So, right now it's just the two of us.

We have thought about getting another roommate. But with roommates, who are not your siblings, you have to behave a little bit or else they run away in fear.

You can't do things like throw your keys in the middle of the floor when you walk in the house.

No more laying sprawled on the living room chair with drool hanging down your face.

Some roommates judge if you sit and watch Grey's Anatomy for three days straight.

And they don't like when you start a million different hobbies and leave your stuff laying everywhere.

You can't leave your underwear laying in the laundry room.

Or take up all the freezer space.

Or forget to do your dishes.

You can't live in the dark like a vampire by not turning on lights and using room darkening drapes.

And they look at you funny when you go into giggling fits that last all night.

And you have to deal with things like boyfriends coming over all the time when you like to live in a boyfriend free zone.

And the weird looks they give you when you try to act like a cat lady without any cats.

Not that I do any of these things...

Anyways, Mona and I have decided that we are going to forgo a roommate for the time being and turn our spare bedroom in to a all purpose media room.

This includes things like musical interments, recording equipment, books, TV, comfy chairs, fun nick knacks and such.

We also decided to call it our Operating Room.

 Mona has been dying to yell:


But she has never been in an appropriate situation to yell it, seeing as she is not a surgeon (again, too much Grey's Anatomy), so this gives her the perfect opportunity.

I have a very strong feeling that I am going to be the one she's yelling at to get out of the OR.

We also bought an embarrassing large TV for the OR that we have yet to tell anyone about.

It's our dirty little secret.

We are suppose to be saving money for our coffee shop.

But how can we have a Media Operating Room without a nice TV?

It's just not possible.

At least there's no roommate to judge us...

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  1. Oh my roommates! Before I met my husband and moved in with him I had 4!! 3 were guys. So I felt very justified watching greys for hours at a time when they would spend days playing call of duty! My husband and I are so silly though I don't think anyone would ever want to be our roommate! (not that we want one!)