Friday, November 1, 2013

American Box Pickers

After the dismal Tuesday of uncertainty I had as of Tuesday with the coffee shop relocation, my coffee boss finally stepped it up and got things rolling and clued us in on the plans.

It's still not as smooth as it could be with her disappearing every now and then, leaving us with ALL the work.  This is especially disheartening since we are volunteering our time for the move, but I'm trying not to dwell on that.

We have been working like crazy! We had to be out yesterday, literally.

At one point we ran out of boxes, so Mandy sent her sister, Jessie, and I box hunting.

The best place they have found to get empty moving boxes is Woodman's Grocery Store. 

This is a huge grocery store, people. It's so big that I never go there.

I absolutely HATE grocery shopping, it's like pulling teeth. When I have to go I want to get in and out as quick as possible. Woodman's is not quick when it takes you 20 minutes to walk across the store to get a gallon of milk.

I find it so terrible that, even though it is right across the street from me and the cheapest prices in town, I would rather drive farther and pay more than go there.

I made an exception in this case, because we weren't actually grocery shopping.

Jessie had done this before, so I thought we would just make a quick stop at the back entrance, ask for some boxes and be done.

Little did I know! 

Jessie took me inside the main entrance, grabbed at cart, and told me we had to go box picking.

And by box picking she meant we had to go up and down every isle and look for this big bins full of boxes and find the boxes we wanted.

Now, well I said I hate grocery shopping in this store, I found this experience to be hilariously funny and wonderful!

Imagine a huge grocery store, isle packed with people getting groceries, staring at these two girls opening up large box bins in the middle of the isles picking boxes!

The looks we got.

I felt like I was on the show American Pickers were they go to people junked up houses and pick those old buildings to find treasure.

Jessie said when she came in the first time she asked a lady for boxes and lady said "this is going to sound strange..."

It was strange, but it was also, hands down, the best part of the move!

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