Tuesday, August 6, 2013


People, do you know what this week is?!? If you can't tell from the title and picture of this post....it's SHARK WEEK!!

If you have never heard of SHARK WEEK you have obviously been living under a rock since July 17, 1987 (Wow! I had to look that date up on Wikipedia. SHARK WEEK is old). I believe the title is self explanatory, but being Captain of the Obvious, I will explain. SHARK WEEK is an entire week, created by Discovery Channel (that part may have been a little less obvious), dedicated to the awesomeness that is all things sharks! Anyone who's anyone knows, loves, and constantly anticipates SHARK WEEK. It was created to raise awareness and respect for the majestic species, and I will have to say Discovery Channel has accomplished and exceeded it's goal. Well done, Discovery Channel, well done.

There is only one problem with it being SHARK WEEK this week. A few weeks ago, due to financial distress, I had to cut my cable to basic TV.

Discovery Channel is not included in my AT&T U-verse basic television package.

My roommate/sister, Mona, was very distraught when she found this information out. A few choice words and lots of anger were thrown in my direction, but sadly no money, so there was nothing I could do.

After Mona and I spent some time crying, we dried our eyes, stopped the hateful words directed all at luna, and rallied together to find a solution to our massive problem. After a little brainstorming we found the answer that would solve all of our problems.

We are now setting up camp in my parents living room.

My parents are taking the unexpected invasion of their children in stride. My mother is cooking and doting on us and my father is making comments under his breath about how he thought he was rid of us when we moved out (my parents have been responding very differently to the "empty nest").

Mona and I shall see if we can last the whole week without being kicked out of the house. Mona uses this annoying uncontrollable laugh every time she sees the commercial that says "It's a bad week to be a seal", so our chances of succeeding are very slim. But with what I've learned this week so far (and it's only Tuesday mind you), it's a shark-eat-shark world out there (literally) and we have to do what we have to do to survive.


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