Monday, December 2, 2013

Curse of the Wedding Doll

I am definitely going to be single for life.

When I was a little girl Mom and G-ma collected Precious Moment dolls for me.

I loved them. 

They weren't the type of dolls to stay locked in a glass case, I set them free and gave them glamorous well lived lives. 

There was grand adventures, lasting friendships, a touch of romance, and even a little dirt involved in our time together. 

I still have the dolls. They are pack away in a bin in my basement.

I know it seems pointless to keep them packed away in a bin and not put them on display, but I couldn't bear to get ride of them. And I really don't want to be the crazy old lady with creepy dolls all around her house. 

You should see this one house downtown. It's an old Victorian. There is a big bay window on displayed with lighting, backdrop, and lots and lots of dolls!

It's one of the creepiest things I've ever seen, especially when you walk by at night. 

Anyways, when I was little G-ma bought a Wedding doll, to go with my collection, that she always said she would give to me when I got married.

I used to sneak in G-ma's closet and pull the doll out, just so I could look at her. When I was five I thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world! I couldn't wait until she would be mine. I would marry as soon as I could just so I could have her. 

A few years ago G-ma gave the doll to Mom to hold onto for me. I put up a bit of a fuss, but G-ma is getting older and at this rate she may never live to see me married, so I let it slide. 

Then this weekend happened!  

Mother calls me over to get a few things of mine that she found in the basement while cleaning and wanted me to take home to make more room for Thanksgiving company. 

I start loading the stuff in my car and can you guess what I found amongst the pile of junk I am taking home?!?

That's right! 


The one that is suppose to be given to me ON MY WEDDING DAY!!

Now I know I have told mother countless times that I am happy being single and I don't know if I'll ever get married, but's the principle of the matter! 

So, basically G-ma and Mom are throwing in my face that they don't think there is any hope of me ever marrying and after 25 years have given up hope!

Thanks a lot guys! Way to make a girl feel loved!

When I casually mentioned to Mom that I felt like she had given up hope on her oldest daughter ever getting married by giving me my Wedding Doll, she tried to say she had no idea she was suppose to give it to me on my wedding day and she would take it back, but by this point I was being stubborn and refused to give the doll back. 

I wanted to know why she thought she was holding on to the doll for so long if her and G-ma could have given it to me 20 years ago? 

At this point Dad pipped in and said I had it all backwards. I wasn't married yet because she hadn't given me the doll. Now that I have it I'll be married within the year. 

I screamed and tried to throw the doll back, but they wouldn't take it.

So, I have this Wedding Doll haunting me from the back seat of my car. It hasn't made it in the house yet, from fear, forgetfulness, or pure laziness, I'm not sure. But the box stares at me through my rear-view mirror. I feel cursed by this doll. 

If I'm married by then end of next year, which is still highly unlikely, I'll blame it on this stupid Wedding Doll Curse!