Thursday, December 19, 2013

No Gift For Mona


So, I told her that this year, because we are saving money, she was getting a homemade present from me made with my love, sweat, blood, and tears and do you know what she did?!?!! 

She laughed! She laughed right in my face! 

I told her how highly insulted and offended I was by her reaction and that now she was not getting any Christmas gift this year from me! I would take my wonderful and lovely homemade gift and give it to someone who would appreciate it. 

Sure, I don't do a lot of DYI projects and most of the ones I start I don't finish, but I am capable and intelligent woman. I can make a darn craft if I put my mind do it. No need to laugh in my face. 

She said she was trying to think of what I would possibly make her and she is picturing something knitted and for some rude reason the very idea makes her laugh.

She is insulting my crafting skills, my knitting skills (and let me tell you if I ever finished a knitting project it would be awesome), and my gift giving skills!! 

My track record of gift giving skills is near perfect when it comes to Mona. Every year she doubts me. She lowers her expectations because she doesn't think I'll top last year's gift, but I ALWAYS COME THROUGH!! 

Just because it's homemade doesn't make it a crappy gift. She should have more faith in me...or at least fake it!!! Come on!

I'm going to make her open it and eat her words. She is going to love my gift. And just to let you know it's nothing knitted...ain't nobody got time for dat. I'm a procrastinator, I would never have enough time to knit a sweater for a Christmas present. I'm so much of a procrastinator we are celebrating my family Christmas tonight and I still have to run out on my lunch break and finish shopping. 

I would tell you guys what Mona's gift is, you would appreciate it, but unfortunately Mona reads my blog. I'll let you know tomorrow.

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