Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bitter Cup of Coffee

I've been trying all day to explain exactly what happened with Mandy and the coffee shop yesterday and today, but I just don't have the words.

So much has happened I just can't wrap my brain around it.

The jest of it is that the coffee shop (you can read about our last coffee shop problems HERE and the follow up HERE) reopened today without us and things are not good between Mona and I and the coffee boss. We have been trying to work things out since the last incident, but things seem to have only gotten worse.

It's so bad, that after yesterday, Mona wants to puke.

Coffee boss, Mandy, is not treating employees or her customers with any respect. And, with the way she is heading right now, she is going to ruin this coffee shop. She is not a good business owner and she seems completely oblivious to the damage she is causing. It's a hard situation, because we really like her as a person, but, as of right now, Mona and I are seriously thinking about leaving because of the environment Mandy is creating.

Mom thinks we are in an abusive relationship and we should get out now and just leave her without looking back, but we are trying to do things in a respectful and civil manor and decide what is best for our future.

OH VEY! We really don't know what we should do!

I know you don't have all the details, but if anyone has any helpful life advice it's more than welcome right now...


  1. mother's know best, if it's not healthy anymore and it is abusive then you should get out already.
    goodluck to you, I hope you will find peace.

  2. Find out what's irking her and see if maybe you guys can help her find some peace within. Problem is probably a man.

    1. Karen thank you. It's a good reminder to maybe find out what's really going on and not just focus on ourselves.

  3. I dunno, love. This has been brewing for awhile. (Doh! Sorry about the pun. Totally didn't mean it, But it's staying. Might make you grin.) Kazelle and Keren have called it. It is not healthy to be anybody's whipping post, and it is most definitely because of a man. Perhaps this is you and Mona's cue to "exit stage left" while Boss has to hit her rock bottom, and you guys start anew on fresh ground. Good for everyone. :)

    1. Bahahah! Puns are my favorite!! I love it!! It's exactly what I needed today :)