Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elf Fishing

It may be disturbing to most, with the tiny face, rosy cheeks, and creepy smile, but I like him all the more for it.

Yes sir, it's...


My family started doing this last year. We do it as a competition to see who is the best.

Santa on a Mantel (Xmas 2012)
This year we are doing three elfs (that doesn't sound right) a week. We tired to do it everyday last year, but we gave up way before Christmas because we are lazy.

We are also cheep. Last year, instead of Elf on the Shelf, we did Santa on a Mantel (if you say it just right it almost rhymes). ------>

This year Mom found some knock off elves for us to use this year, but don't think Santa is going to be left out all year...he's going to make an appearance or two.

Even with the Elf I am going to have an exceptionally hard time this year because I am dog sitting.

I'm not at my apartment and therefor I don't have any of my arts and craft supplies.

I can hardly find a piece of tape in this house!

Plus, it's hard to get REALLY creative when your afraid of an explosion ruining their upholstery.

I will just have to make do.

Elf Fishing (Xmas 2013)
First up this year for Mr. Elf is FISHING!

Mr. Elf isn't much for ice fishing this time of year in Wisconsin (it's way colder than the North Pole), so he went fishing for gifts instead!

Much better than fish if you ask me.

Next up we have pillow fighting! 

Any genius idea's are welcome. I'm thinking something with nunchucks.... 

(P.S. While I am going to terrify you and show you all of my creepy Elf on a Shelf pictures, I am not going to make all of my posts revolve around him this month. If I did that, I would be bored out of my mind.

 I haven't decided if I'm going to have a separate post for Mr. Elf or if he's just going to pop up in random posts to frighten you. You shall have to wait and see!)

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