Friday, December 27, 2013

I Need Sleep

I'm going to lose it soon. I'm on the brink of my patience.

First off, I haven't slept more than 3 hours all this week. Try as I might I just can't sleep. I'm at the point where sleep deprivation symptoms are setting in. And the main symptoms are crankiness and irritability and aversion to stupidity. Everything is irritating me today. Even inanimate objects. You know it's bad when you want to flip out on your pants in the morning. I ended up wearing a dress just to spite them. 

Then I get to work...

One of my fellow receptionists didn't show up today and another was an hour late. I had to do all three of our jobs.

One of my physical therapists had a last minute funeral to go to this morning. Reschedule all of her morning patients. (Just to clarify I was not upset about her going to the funeral, just that I had to reschedule patients on top of everything else I was doing...just because I'm cranky doesn't mean I'm heartless)

The Prosthetist went home sick. Reschedule all of his patients. (he, on the other hand, was being a wimp)

Phones ringing off the hook, patients who don't want to stop talking or make decisions about when they want to come in. One lady was worried about an appointment conflicting with another appointment in march...I was just trying to schedule her for this Tuesday. 

Another employee complaining to my boss about me not answering their internal phone call (when I'm dealing with a million patients) to cancel an appointment for next week. (I'm sorry internal phone calls are less of a priority. Give me a minute.)


Deep Breath


I just want a nap. *sniff*

I'm starting to calm down now. K brought me Starbucks coffee this morning and I'm trying to focus on that one nice moment instead of all of the increasingly irritating ones. My HappyCappi always makes me feel better. It makes smile and calms me down. 

But a nap would still help. 

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