Friday, November 29, 2013

The Caffeinator

Yesterday's Super Thanksgiving was wonderful!

I may have been up until 4:30 Wednesday morning due to procrastination on top of procrastination, but it was worth it! 

The Shoes
I hit up Goodwill for ideas and inspiration and found these lovelies that just screamed SUPERHERO to me! (see picture of shoes to right) 

I went as "The Caffeinator"

Luna LaBlue was a biochemist doing research on the chemical effects of the caffeine found in coffee and how it increases/decreases a person's energy levels throughout the day.

For her research projects she set up test patients to try several different coffee brands while she monitored the effects the the different coffee had on her subjects. A few of her test subjects were showing startling side effects. 

Patients were unable to focus and extremely drowsy. After several weeks they lost feeling in their joints and were extremely hungry. So hungry, in fact, they started to eat other people. 

Her data showed that all of these mindless, zombie like creatures were ingesting coffee from DC Corporation. 

She went digging around and asking too many questions. 

While she was sneaking around trying to get test samples from their factory, she was pushed into one of their toxic vats of brewed coffee. 

She barley escaped with her life. 
The Caffeinator

Afterwards, through a series of unusual and comical events, she discovered that she could effect the energy levels of the people around her. She could give them enough energy to run 1000 miles with out a hitch or make them pass out in complete exhaustion with just a thought. 

DC Corp is at the root of everything. Luna, now masquerading as "The Caffeinator" , must use her new found powers to uncover what is really going with DC Corp and stop their new zombie creations from reeking further havoc on the city. 

Will The Caffeinator be able to wake the city up to see the mass destruction DC Corp is creating or will they let the sleeping dogs lie? 

We also had...

Mona as Slumber she could put anyone to sleep with just the sound of her voice.

Bananaman, dressed in a banana suit and could get out of any slippery situation.

Stitches, a woman who is bionic everywhere she had had surgery. (there was a breast reduction done, so she also had bionic boobs with guns)

Construction Man, who could fix anything.

HotHands, who could melt anything with her hands.

Super Slacker, who would save the day tomorrow.

Couch Potato and her magic remote control.

and G-ma (the name we use for our grandma) and her ultimate wisdom.

Super Food
It was a blast! A Super Thanksgiving in deed.

And the food did not disappoint either! My plate was overflowing with yummy goodness.

Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday, HotHands down.

Next year we are doing a decade. We're going to be doing the 80's. Almost everyone thought we were talking about the 1980's, but clearly I was suggesting the 1880's. We will have to wait and see what decade wins out!!

My vote is still 1880's.

Either way I can't wait!!

(P.S. Thank you to everyone for the great superhero ideas! I LOVED them all!! And a special thank you to Carrie who helped me come up with the Caffeinator!) 


  1. I love it! And it goes along with your dream of opening a coffee shop! Well played, ma'am! I think my other favorite is Couch Potato, because that's a hero after my own heart. I so wish our family would do Thanksgiving like yours!

    1. Thanks Cassie! I thought it fit me quite well. You should just show up in costume next year and see what everyone says! You can do the 80's with us!!