Thursday, September 5, 2013

Luna's Lifetime Movie

Have you ever had one of those moments where it seems like you just got dropped in the middle of a Lifetime movie?

Well, I had one of those moments yesterday and it kind of freaked me out!

Background Setting:
(Things this week that may have caused me to freak out more than normal)

I work as a receptionist in a large medical facility and we get our fair share of drama everyday, but this week was a doozy.

On Friday I was on the phone with a guy who was majorly freaking out on me. He was all calm and happy one moment and than he just snapped! He was calling me a liar and accusing me of not following hospital protocol (if you know anything about me I'm a goodie two shoes-rule follower to the tee). I was so taken aback I didn't know what to say to him, my hands even started to shake a little bit (I have had people on the phone tell me they are going to come and beat me up before, so I don't like to make the people on the phone mad) Let's just say it was not fun to be on the receiving end.

Then, on Tuesday, I watched this episode of Grey's Anatomy (SPOILERS) about a mass shooting at a hospital. I could see this very easily being a reality. I see a lot of upset people in my work place and you never know what they will do. Like I said, I have been threatened by patients before and I am just the receptionist!

What Freaked Me Out:
(probably more than it should have due to the previously stated things)

There is this couple that comes into the clinic quiet often. Every time they come in they stop at my desk to say hello. The are super sweet and super happy. The wife always makes sure to give me a hug and checks to make sure I'm having a good day. They excitedly told me when they bought a new house and shared their sorrow with me when they lost their dog. I get reports on all of the husband's surgery's either good or bad. I really feel like the are a part of my life, even though I only know them from a professional standpoint.

So, when the husband comes in yesterday it's nothing unusual. He walks up to my desk and I smile and say hello! He seems a little off and I ask if everything is okay. He motions for me to get up and step away from the desk. This is not normal and I'm a little apprehensive. Does he want a hug? Normally that's just his wife who hugs me...this is weird...I don't know what's happening! Help!

I cautiously approach him. He leans in close and whispers that he just...filed for a divorce.

At first I sigh in relief that he didn't do something crazy to me, then I react properly.

This is shocking news! They are always so nice and happy and I just saw them both last week! How could they be getting a divorce?

When I ask what happened, he tells me that...his wife has slowly been poising him for the last several months!


He just spent the last few days in the hospital. He almost died because his wife was trying to kill him!

I have hugged this women! Hugged her while she was slowly trying to kill her husband!

This creeps me out so much! I cannot believe that it's true. My brain can't wrap itself around the idea. It really does feel like a story you would see in a Lifetime movie and not something that's happening in real life. I may be just their receptionist, but it is still majorly affecting my life!

Moral of this story:

The moral of this story is to treat all of your receptionists well. Thank them for their hard work and putting up with other people's crazy. You never know if they have just been yelled at or threatened. You don't know if their life is in danger and they are wondering if their coffee has been poisoned by a patient while they weren't looking!


  1. WOW! That is crazy! I've had my share of crazy as a receptionist as well, but nothing that beats that...


  2. Super crazy!!!! It would make me want to go home and take a shower. Even though the wife wasn't there!

    Something like this happened to my mom a few years back. She was working at her churches day care and on a Friday talked to a mom; normal stuff. That weekend the dad murdered the wife and two kids!

    At least this guy was able to find out what his wife was doing before she finished her scheme!

  3. real crazy, we really do not know what's happening behind those happy facade.

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