Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Concealed Carry: Part II

If you haven't been following me, I talked about taking a Concealed Carry class yesterday. You can read about that HERE.

According to this class I should NOT be carrying a gun.

"Defending your life has legal and emotional consequences – you life will never be the same. Before carrying a firearm for self defense, make sure that in your mind you are willing and 
capable of using the firearm effectively."

I am not willingly able to use the firearm and I don't want to deal with the emotional consequences, so that does not make me a good candidate for a firearm carrier.

In Wisconsin gun safety training is not a requirement for owning a gun or open carry (not hiding you gun while out and about) it is only required for concealed carry (keeping your gun under your shirt or in your purse while out in public).

There is SO much responsibility to owning and carrying a firearm. I don't know how taking a class is not a requirement. We have to take classes and get a licence to drive a car because it is considered dangerous and you can harm other people, but not a gun.

I would highly recommend that you take a gun safety class, even if you don't want anything to do with guns. Education on how to safely use firearms and education about gun laws is beneficial for everyone. Wisconsin offers gun safety classes for free, check to see if your area does as well. If you do plan on owning a firearm, please, please, be a responsible owner and take a safety class!


  1. My grandpa teaches concealed carry classes (and started teaching me about guns when I was 6), the majority of his students decide against getting the license and carrying a gun after the discussion of consequences. I agree that it's something everyone who wants to buy a gun should be forced to think about in an educational environment.

    1. I think it's great that your grandpa take the times the time to teach classes, it's an important job! That is such an interesting majority...it's good to know that the people who do take the classes are taking them seriously.

  2. I wish that legislation would have passed because I think taking a class would have been a requirement. I agree that it should be. Getting your licence for a car was a great analogy!

    Thanks for sharing your experience Luna!!!