Friday, September 20, 2013


All I can think about today is the fact that Haven is on tonight! (please notice the unusually large photo showing my level of excitement)

It's got mystery, intrigue, secrets, romance, and science fiction. What more could you want?

If you haven't seen it...Haven is based off the book The Colorado Kid by Stephen King and follows FBI agent Audrey Parker as she follows a case to the small town of Haven. Once she is there, unusual things start to happen. The town has it's "troubles" that it tries to keep hidden from Audrey, but she is determined to uncover their secrets. During her investigation Audrey finds an old newspaper article about the Colorado Kid with a picture of a woman that looks alarming like Audrey. She believes this could be a picture of her unknown mother and decides to stay and investigate the woman and the troubles in Haven.

A lot of sci-fi and fantasy shows, if you watch enough, can become predicable after awhile (at least that's what I think), not bad, just predicable. This show, even after 3 seasons, continues to surprise me with twists and turns that I never see coming! And I love it! 

You should go find season one right now and start watching and keep watching because it keeps getting better and better!

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