Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Road Trip!

Mona and I both had off work yesterday, so we hit the road Jack.

Anytime we both have a day off, we grab our bags, find what clean clothes we can (we are terrible at keeping up with laundry), get in the car, and go wherever the wind takes us. 

This is one of my favorite things ever of all times. No plans, no destination, just the wind in my hair and the open road. 

We have found some wonderful and unexpected places on our travels. We have taken tours of president's homes, revolving jails, old theaters, and lakes so deep you can scuba dive. 

There has also been lots of great food and lots of great coffee (my personal favorite). 

There have only been a few times where I have gotten Mona into situations where she feared for her life. 

Like when I made her take take the bus in California and she thought we got lost and were going to be kidnapped and sold into the sex trade (we weren't lost...we were just transferring buses in the middle of a Mexican community on a corner where some people were tying to make a living.)

Or the time we stopped for a tour of a small maple factory (and by small I mean it was in their barn in the middle backwoods of Wisconsin with no one around for miles. They were lovely people..I don't see why Mona thought they were going to murder us and no one would hear our screams) 

And she outright said "NO!" to touring a shut down mental institution!

Let's just say she is irrationally fearful of potentially dangerous situations. 

I don't get it. 

This trip we stayed in well populated, touristy areas, so Mona didn't complain. Strike that, she didn't complain about her life being in danger. She did have a problem with her sunglasses, or lack thereof. 

Mona: we need to stop somewhere and get me sunglasses. I broke my last pair.

Me: okay we can stop at Walmart

Mona: no. We can stop somewhere nicer. I'm willing to spend more money on them. 

Me: after you broke the last three pair you had? 

Mona: they only broke because they were cheep. 

Me: Really Mona? It wasn't because you forgot you were wearing them on your shirt when you hugged someone, dropped them on the concrete, or stepped on them? 

Mona: No. 

(us driving through a cute little downtown)

Mona: do you think they would have sunglasses there? (Points at lamps & shades store)


Mona: (in a whining tone) I need sunglasses!

Me: do you want to wear mine?

Mona: (nods)

Me: (gives Mona my sunglasses)

Mona: they're dirty! 

Me: That's it! Give them back! You don't deserve them!

We never did stop to get her sunglasses. But in my defense, she was the driver. It wan't like I was holding her back. 


  1. haha awesome! My fiance and I go on road trips all the time!! So much fun!!

    Where did you guys go yesterday?

    1. We ended up in the Milwaukee/Cedarburg Wisconsin areas

  2. love road trips! we usually end up eating a lot of food or end up at the beach.

  3. Lol...sounds like you guys had a great time...