Thursday, September 19, 2013

Conversation with Mona

I thought I would share a public Facebook conversation that Mona and I had yesterday to help you see into the type of sister relationship we have. 

Mona LaBlue>Luna LaBlue
So last year for "your" birthday you took me to Maine! I am excited to see what you do for me this year!!!
  • Mona LaBlue:  I can have all monday off
  • Luna LaBlue:  I tried to get monday off, but I can't
  • Luna LaBlue:  And you are a terrible sister. You didn't plan anything last year. I had to do all the work!
  • Mona LaBlue:  I had to plan myyyy own birthday party! You are the terrible sister!
  •   Mona LaBlue: I gave you my company! That is priceless!
  • Luna LaBlue:  priceless=worthless that's why I didn't plan anything for your birthday
  • Mona LaBlue: Baaa

    We have a wonderful relationship!

    After our heated public birthday argument, Mona and I spent some quality sister time together. We talked about life and work and lack of sleep. And let me tell you...when you get the two of us together, while we are both extremely sleep deprived, we are hilarious! We were cracking up each other up! It fact we didn't really talk all that much. It was more just weird, uncontrollable, and if I'm being honest, unattractive laughter. Other people, if they saw us in this state, may call us crazy. But why bother with technicalities?

     I really do love that crazy girl.

    And just to let you all know...Mona wanted to plan her own birthday party! I could have had a wonderful huge extravagant birthday extravaganza planned, but I just wanted her to be happy and do what she wanted to do on her birthday! I think that's being a pretty wonderful sister! 

    (And yes my birthday is this Monday...feel free to send me gifts)


  1. Birthdays should never fall on Monday, there should be a law that allows for minute adjustment of a birthday, you would normally only to invoke it every 7 years. If the government wanted to help citizens of this nation they would take care of this. I may have to run for office.