Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

Just a short post today. It's Labor Day, so I have the day off from work and we are having a cookout at my parents house. We even had fireworks last night to celebrate!

Normally, we have fireworks for the 4th of July, but we either had a flood or a drought (I can't remember we had both this summer), so they were postponed until last night. It was a nice change. Kind of like a last day of summer celebration.

Tomorrow I start my Fall semester. I am already dreading it. I wish life could be cookouts and fireworks all the time. But that's not how life works. I will party today and wake up tomorrow and start working again. I'm going to try and be more productive, get my work done early, and enjoy it!  Please remind me when I forget this!


  1. Happy Labor Day!
    My American husband was a little grumpy this morning when leaving for work, he thinks it's unfair he doesn't get the American holidays off.


    1. I think I would be a little grumpy if I was your husband too! :) Hope he had a great day in spite of it!

  2. still got work on labor day, but anyway
    happy labor day to you!have fun.