Friday, September 6, 2013

Pinterest: A Waste of Time or Productive Research?

Last night I had to stay up super late doing nothing, so this morning I'm feeling super tired and super uninspired to write anything. My mind feels a little bit like mush.

So, I went on Pinterest to see if anything would inspire me to write...

...Two hours later THIS was a BAD idea!

While I didn't find anything captivating, interesting, and inspirational to write a piece about, like I had hoped, I did find some funny pins! And lucky you I'm going to share them instead!

First off, I realized that I grew up to become Squidward. This is me most mornings.
Who doesn't love sloths, and a baby sloth is even cuter, NOW put that baby sloth in a pair of pj's and it has to be the cutest thing ever!
Don't touch the butt! haha. The more tired I am the funnier things seem.
This one took me a minute to get. Don't judge! I told you my brain feels like mush!
Do you think my landlord would let me have this kind of guard-dog?

It's kind of sad how true this is...that didn't stop me from laughing.
It's when I laugh really hard at pins like this that makes me question my sanity sometimes. I just couldn't help it!
This one is my favorite. Who doesn't love a mad queen? I think I respect her a little more. She can smile and laugh in the face of whatever horrifies others!

Well, there you go! The highlights of my last two hours on Pinterest. You know, it kind of makes my Pinterest time seem more I didn't just waste the last two hours of my life! It was really research for my blog! This is me being productive!! I am accomplished! 



  1. haha, well at least it lighten up your mood.

  2. funny, I don't get the pinning thing either. BUt people seem obsessed with it...