Tuesday, May 6, 2014

15 Ways to Make Money Disappear

Without Realizing It

1. Drug store shopping. Not only are you paying higher convenience prices, but they also get you with all the new stuff. You never walk out of there without a $7 bottle of nail polish or possibly buying the newest Easy Bake Upside Down Non Stick Cake Pan from the As Seen On TV section.  But the thing is your lazy and going to a big store isn't always appealing. So, you pay the price and drown your sorrows in nail polish and a cake that is lopsided with half of it burnt to the pan and the other half stuck inside your oven.

2. Eating Healthy.  This one may be worth it, but do you know how much it cost to get a stupid salad when you're eating out?!?! At McDonald's I can a burger, fries, and a soda for $3, but you buy a salad and it's 8 bucks! Have you ever tried buying fruit at the grocery store? Well it's ridiculous! I can't afford this! Are Ramen Noodles considered healthy? 

4. "Free" Book 1 E-Books. Don't let the "Free" fool you. There you are trying to save money by buying free books from Barnes and Noble or Amazon and then all of a sudden you reach the end of the book and it leaves you with such a devastating cliffhanger you need to know what happens next. Only once you turn the last page do you realize the fact that this...is...a...SERIES!! At first you're ecstatic, because you love series and then you go to look up the next book at it's $15!!! But you can't live without knowing what happens next, so you buy it anyway. And then also the next three books. It's viscous and cruel. 

5. Coffee. We may balk at the price of fruit, but we never blink an eyelash at spending $5 on a cup of coffee. Coffee is the reason there is no money to buy fruit. The thing is I'm pretty sure we can live without fruit, but coffee on the other hand...I'm sure we would die with out it. Coffee may make your money disappear, but I do not recommend giving it up. It's just not worth it. Choose life. 

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Update: I got a few complaints comments that there were not enough Ways to make money disappear, so I decided to honor the request and add some more!

(you know who you are miss "just 5 ways??? you disappoint me")

6. Make Dinner for Friends. Cooking for other people gets pricey, especially when you are trying to be impressive. NO Ramon Noodles for them.

7. Get Lost. Driving around in circles wastes more gas then you can imagine. Sometimes when driving it's easy to pretend it doesn't cost any money, but it does and you will pay at the pump. 

8. Buy One Get One Half Off Sales. Sometimes you didn't even want to buy ONE and you end up going home with at least two! And somehow the shoe sales always get you. It's best just to stay away from the shoe stores altogether.

9. Buying Hair-ties and Bobby Pins. For things so small and inexpensive it's easy to spend a few hundred dollars on buying them in your lifetime. It's always when you need them you can never seem to find the thousands you own. You imagine finding Borrowers building small societies out of the lost hair-tires and bobby pins and it makes you feel a little better knowing you are helping in some small way, but the money adds up. 

10. Kids meals. You're paying for that toy, it's not free. 

11. Lottery tickets. Sadly, you spend more that you will ever realistically win. You are just paying to give other people money. 

12. Buying Makeup. That stuff is crazily overpriced. You might not even realize how much women spend on makeup a year. Who the heck ever said we need to wear makeup in the first place?! We need to blame someone for the outrageous amount of money we have to spend on mascara, blush, foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, powder, primer and who knows what else. 

13. Late fees. Forgetting to return Movies to red box or the library can cost a pretty penny. Save some money and just buy the movie. Honestly it's cheaper. 

14. Uncanceled Two Week Free Trials. Those will get you all the time. You sign up for a free two week trial and forget to opt-out after two weeks and all of a sudden you are getting charged for another month. Then you don't want to waste the money, so you tell yourself you'll cancel just before next month. And then you forget and get another charge. This can go on for awhile. If you just avoided the two week trial in the first place you would have two years worth of payments racked up. 

15. Losing Weight. Sure it's all good and healthy, but every time you drop a dress size you have to buy new clothes! And yes this may be rewarding and fun, but in the long run it does nothing for your wallet! (this could also be said of gaining weight, but that never really happens) 


  1. so true about the coffee ....:P

  2. Now that's something else:) Bravo, Luna! U got me at kids meals and shoes;)

  3. Glad you think so highly of my work and would never complain about me slacking off! :)

  4. The buying one get one half off is the worst. Even sometimes when they say if you buy 2 or so you get one free. I also agree with the drug store one. You go in and come out with more than you went for.

  5. Oh the buy two get one free is even worse!

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