Monday, June 2, 2014

Washington DC

So, I was online the other day looking for birthday gift ideas for Mona (she turns 21 on the 23) and one thing led to another and I ended up buying us tickets to go to Washington DC for my birthday in September.

I know you're thinking, "But you were looking for Mona! How could you buy yourself a gift?", the answer is very easily.

I was flipping through all of my normal gift giving sites and Googling great gift ideas and I somehow ended up on this cheep ticket site and they told me I could go to DC in September for under $100 round trip.

How could I pass that up? It was literally on my birthday too! I know I was suppose to be looking for Mona, but I just couldn't help myself. Plus, it's really for Mona too. I like to travel and I don't like to do it alone, so I always for Mona to come along with me.

When I talked to Mona about it, she said she was all in. She didn't like when I suggested that be here birthday present. "Can't it just be an 'I'm special' present?", she asked. She's a spoiled brat. (love you Mona!)

Mom wasn't too happy about the trip

Me: So I might have bought myself a birthday present last night...

Mom: Roller blades?

Mona: Haha

Me: No that is not my birthday gift. It's not roller blades. Don't be crazy.

Mom: Well.....

Me: I might have bought two tickets, i found super cheap, to DC in september

Dad: Weekdays in dc

Mom: Luna...You have to get rid of this travel bug....our trip up north cost us a ton of money and we didn't have all those other expenses

Me: I couldn't help it! They were SO cheap!!

Dad: What's in DC?

Mom: Luna...You are saving for a coffee shop

Me: EVERYTHING! And Everything there is basically free! (ignoring my mother and answering Dad’s question)

Dad: Ok then I'll go

Mom: I don't think she is asking you....For how long...i am not kidding it cost us over 500 closer to 700

Me: Just four days Saturday through Tuesday. Dad if you want to buy your own ticket you are more than welcome to come

Mom: I am really are adults so do what you must. And I am sure you will have an amazing time!!! Gma said its really scary there, and getting into tours will be your best bet. Don't mean to be Debbie Downer, just taken back a wee bit. I am sorry.

Me:I just couldn't help it...There are so many tours and everything I have looked at and want to do there is free admission and free tours. Did you know if we want to tour the white house we have to contact our congressman at least 3 weeks before our trip to get approval? But it's free too!

Becky: I'll ask him for you (referring to the congressman, who is her neighbor who she has never spoken to.)

Me: Thanks Becky. (I'm a little concerned we will not be able to tour the White House because Becky is our congressman's neighbor...)

I know it's probably not the smartest thing to do, but I can't help it! The tickets were so cheep! And there are so many cool things to do in DC! I'm a history tour nerd! AND MOST OF THEM ARE FREE. Check out this website...100 Free (& Almost Free) Things To Do In DC



  1. DC is AWESOME! It's really not scary. Well, I suppose if you go to the unsavory parts of town it probably would be, but if you stick to the touristy spots, it's totally fun and not scary or dangerous at all. We found ourselves walking down the street in the dark at night with no one around and weren't even nervous about it.

  2. Good to hear! I'm so excited about this trip! What was your favorite thing to see/do/eat there?

  3. We arranged a tour of the capital through one of the Senator's offices. I would recommend doing that. It takes a few hours, but you get a private tour instead of going in a gigantic group. That was my favorite thing. Followed very closely by the Lincoln Memorial and standing on the spot where MLK gave the I Have a Dream speech. We also made the mistake of walking all the way from the Capital to the Lincoln Memorial because we thought it wasn't very far. It's very, VERY far. But we saw a lot of cool stuff along the way, so I can't say I regretted it.

  4. I've got a couple different tours requested through our congressman. There were a bunch besides the White House, but I can't remember the ones I picked now! I'm not sure what they all entail.

    That's for the great walking info! I told Mona to start walking now to practice up! But for that one we might catch a ride now!

    I was going back and forth with the Arlington National Cemetery, but now I'll make sure to keep it on my list!

    Thanks for the great tips!

  5. No problem! The only thing I can't give any recommendations on are the museums. I was only in town for 3 days and most of that was spent at a conference, so my trip was really only a day and a half. But I managed to see a LOT in that day and a half!