Sunday, May 25, 2014

Back From Vacation: Part 2

 Okay, now for the rest of my pictures! I know it's later than I said, but it took longer than I thought, mostly because of procrastination.

This first one is of Mona and Dad filling up the boat with gas. I'm holding the boat steady and taking's a very important job.
Dad and Mona

The good old bait shop. Mona hates the little fish. She has an extreme fear of fish...which is weird because she likes fishing! That is all except taking the fish off the hook. She always has to have someone with her to "help" her take the fish off. Although, before we left she did buy this weird contraption that is suppose to help you get a stuck hook out of a fish and in the picture on the box it shows you don't actually have to touch the fish, so she thinks it will work for her. Unfortunately we didn't catch any fish for her to test it out.
The bait shop

 Since our cottage is near to Green day Mona and I decided to hit the big town and do a couple of touristy things. First stop was Lambeau Field! Even though I'm not a big Packer/Football fan...I am a tour fan and I thought this was a great tour! I especially loved our two old men tour guides. They were speed walkers who loved cracking they were there for most of the history stuff, so you knew they knew what they were talking about.
Lambeau Field Tour Ticket
This is our group walking through the Packer's entrance tunnel onto the field. I found out that  the Packers have this nice big ramp tunnel, but the away team they has this tiny entrance that takes a couple of flights of stairs to get to the field. Our tour guide said that's what home field advantage means. I found this very informational and funny.

This is Mona doing the Lambeau Leap. Well, she couldn't actually do the Lambeau Leap...for one  it was against the tour rules and for two she is physically incapable of doing it. Do you know how high that wall is?

Mona's Lambeau Leap 

We also were not aloud to touch the grass. It's special grass apparently...part real and part synthetic. The grass is a BIG deal. Over all it was a wonderful tour! My favorite part was when we stood at the top, just under the score board, and the tour guide made us shout "GO PACK GO" in the empty stadium and you could hear our voices echo back at us. Our tour guide told us that, as part of the tour, we had to shout "GO PACK GO", even if we were not Packer fans, but we could say the phrase backwards in protest.
Lambeau Field

After Lambeau we toured the National Train Museum in Green Bay. The most interesting thing I learned is that I have been pronouncing Reading Railroad from Monopoly wrong my entire life! It's not reading like I'm reading a book, but reading like Red-ing  like the color red with an ing at the end. Reading Rainbow...mind blown!
Mona Catching the Train
Mona wanted me to take a picture of her kissing her lover goodbye as she leaves on the train. It's really just her kissing the air, but it looks cool.
Mona Blowing a Goodbye Kiss
 We play lots and lots of cards. All the same game. Nertz. I think we played over a thousand games. We played so hard we had battle wounds. There were slammed knuckles, nail scratches, bent cards, and paper cuts under nails. It was intense. It takes speed and brain power and bettering better than your opponents.  And guess what...I won all but three or four of the thousands of games. Everyone hated me a little bit...actually strike that...not a little, they hated me a lot! There was a lot of name calling going on as well...Mona and Becky cursed me several times to no avail. They just become bullies because they are poor losers.
Cards for Playing Nertz
We also drank lots and lots of coffee. We got our new machine just in time to bring it with us and practice lots and lots.

More Coffee
Mona, Becky, & I went to the local dirt track races. It's a huge thing in the area. Afterwards Mona told me that she wanted to become a professional dirt track racer and asked if I would support her. I, of course, told her I would. I will be her Pit Crew Chief. Now all we need is to know how to start...
The Races

So, for a start we hit the tracks...Go-Kart style! Mona, Becky, & I, after the dirt track races, had to do a little racing of our own!
Jeff Gordon Go-Kart
After our Go-Kart races the park we were at also had batting cages and Mona and Becky had to give it a try.
Mona & Becky Warming up for the Batting Cages

Every Sunday in the summer they have a big flee market at the fair grounds (same place as the race track as well). We made it out there on the last Sunday before we left. We found lots of good things, but I'm still kicking myself for not having enough cash for this...I bought too many books. I should have found a way. I mean who wouldn't wait a pair of taxidermied deer ears? 
Deer Ears Taxidermy

And one last lake picture just because I like it.
Mona's Shoes by the Lake

I'll miss the lake and the not having to work.

 Hope you guys have some good vacations planned for this summer!

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