Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back From Vacation: Part 1

Vacation is over.

I didn't really want to come back, it isn't as hard as I thought it would be. You know when you've reached that point were everyday life just irritates you? Not just one or two little things, but everything! You think if you go on one more day you might go insane and everyone would know it. You might contemplate running away and never looking back and everyone would think you've been locked up in the loony bin. You know one of those kinda feelings? Well I was at that point with my life. I NEEDED a vacation. And it's a good thing I got one. For sanity's sake. 

Now that I'm back everything looks a little greener and that's not just because the grass is actually greener here. I've had a break and I've miss my little old life. I even kinda missed work, not the actual work work, but the people. My coworkers and the patients...even the crazy ones. It's nice to be back. It also help that I had this one little old lady compliment me to no end. "Oh, would you look at her name! I love that name. It's so pretty. Did you have a nickname? No? Oh good, because it's such a pretty name! Will you look at her smile! Oh I love her laugh..." and so on and so forth. Who wouldn't like coming back to that?

Now for pictures!

First sight of the Lake! I love this view.
The Lake View

Here's the inside of the cottage. This is the living room with four bedrooms off though the doors. It's got a teeny tiny bathroom and kitchen. My favorite part is the  huge wraparound porch along the front and side. It's all windows so we can see the lake and be nosy neighbors. The house on the right always has new people and weird stuff going on. One time we watched as a swat team surrounded and went in guns blazing. And the woman who's living there now's husband had been missing for an entire year and they just found his body in a pond. Plus, looking out the widows this weekend we almost had to save a girl from being kidnapped!! She was walking down the street with a book and she kept looking over her shoulder. Then this big back truck comes crashing around the corner and then the girl starts to panic and starts running down the road. As the truck draws closer he doesn't slow down and then the truck...drives past her. Gosh the girl was  real jumpy for not being chased. A little while later we see her walking back the way she came. As you can see it's lots of fun neighbor watching...even if no one gets kidnapped. Wait...that came out wrong. You know what I mean.
The Cottage

One day Mona, Becky, Dad, and I went out fishing and Mom went out grocery shopping. It was a great plan because Mom hates fishing and I hate grocery shopping. The only downfall to this plan was that Mom locked the door when she left and we got back before her...without a key. Dad was able to pull the glass out of one of the windows and Becky helped Mona get in...after several very awkward attempts. Dad and Mona swear they have gotten in this way before, but from the looks of it they aren't very good at it. At one point a car drove past and I thought for sure they were going to call the cops on us. Except they probably realized it was the middle of the day and we were being loud and not very sneaky or graceful. We did not make for the best looking robbers.
Mona & Becky breaking into the cottage
Like I said we went out fishing, but before we even started I got my lure hooked on my scarf. I was carrying a bunch of other stuff and I was dropping it as I walked down to the pier and my my rod dipped and the lure jumped and the scarf was hungry and I think Mona pushed me...what I'm trying to say is that it was really my fault. After I jerked to a stop at being caught on the fishing line I tried VERY hard to get it off, but the darn hook just kept getting more hooked until it was a complete mess. I had to whine and have mommy and daddy help me. I had it stuck so bad they couldn't even get it out. They had to cut the lure it was stuck so bad. Dad swears it was one of his most valuable antique irreplaceable lures. I called him a liar because they all look the same to me. It was dangerous that's what it was...can you imagine if that got stuck in my face!?!
Lure caught in Scarf

Here are a couple of lake pictures that I liked...I took more, but I didn't wan to bore you. The bottom one is of my two babies Minnow and Dino. Minnow is my princess, she can do no wrong, and Dino is crazy (he's the one with his tongue sticking out). Minnow will run and jump right in the lake while Dino stops at the end of the pier and whines and barks because he wants to jump in, but he's too afraid. 
Dino & Minnow at the Lake

Okay, so this is getting and taking longer than I anticipated...and I still have a lot of photos. I'm going to stop here and let you soak in the vacation spirit of this post and I'll continue more tomorrow! 


  1. Glad you had a great time. The pictures sure look like fun!

    I know what you mean about everything being irritating. That's where I'm at right now and it's not good.

  2. Don't I know it! I have one coming up...In July...

  3. Good deal. Just hold on til can make it!

  4. lol Thanks for that!

  5. Oh I'm so jealous! I need a vacation the pictures ;)

  6. Are you talking about your butt picture?

  7. You have the new pool... you don't need to go anywhere!

    Thanks Lexy. I'll was suppose to get the rest up today, but it's gonna be tomorrow now. ..i got too busy.