Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Want to Cry For No Reason

Have you ever gotten that funny feeling? It lives deep down in your gut and it won’t go away no matter how much you protest. It’s the feeling of wanting to burst into tears for no good reason whatsoever.

Yes? No? Well that’s how I’ve been feeling for the last week and a half. It’s really hard seeing a picture of a cute little kitty cat and wanted to sob hysterically because it’s too darn adorable for it’s own good!

Sometimes it sucks being a hormonal woman (side note: I am 25 years old and still find it weird to call myself a woman instead of a girl).

Well, anyways, I've been in this near tear state for quite awhile, but I've held out and not embarrassed myself by bursting into tears in the middle of work or the grocery store. Although it was a close one at the grocery store. Mona sent me to find a weird cheese at a giant store and after thirty or forty minutes of trying to look for this stinking cheese (there was literally that many different kinds of cheese that it took forty minutes to go over them all twice) I called Mona yelling. “WHERE IS THIS STINKING CHEESE!! I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE!!!”

I don’t think she appreciated my tone of voice and/or she might have know I was ready to really lose it at any moment because she answered in her sweetest you're crazy, so I’m going to be super nice to you because I don’t want to face your ultimate and terrifying wrath high pitched voice (she might disagree with the tone of voice she used, she would have stopped at your're crazy, but I like to think she's afraid of my wrath) “Well, I might not have spelled the name of the cheese right”.

With a heavy, frustrated, keep it together kinda sigh, I made one more loop around with more critical eyes and I found the "GEER" cheese alright...and it was gone. 

But it was not the grocery store that got me, the thing that really got to me is stupid Glee. Yes, I'm talking about the show with a bunch of singing high schoolers. I’m a sucker for any Musical. There’s just something about people randomly bursting out into song and dance to describe their life that gets me. So this naturally means I've been watching it since the beginning. 

My Netflix mentality has made it hard for me to watch any show week to week without getting bored, so I'm about 10 episodes behind. Mona's working tonight and I didn't have anything to do, so I decided I would get my Glee on. Except it was anything but gleeful! I HAVE BEEN CRYING FOR THE LAST THREE HOURS STRAIGHT!!! Stupid, stupid Glee! Talking about Finn and Seniors and losing Glee Club and they bring back ALL of the people I've missed. I'm an emotional wreck right now! 

Thanks a lot Glee. Don't you know I've been trying to keep it together! Somebody grab me a Kleenex box before auto-play starts the next episode!

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